Year In Review; January

Monday, December 24, 2007

I'm doing a Year in Review. Why? Because I can.

The BCS Title Game Sucked Dong [Jan 9th]

Jason Kidd got the ole heave ho from the wife ending the free throw kiss era. [Jan 10th]

ESPN Shit Canned Stephen A's Show which was obviously a good move. [Jan 12th]

Reche Brought you his best O Face [Jan 22nd]

I suggested that Ray Allen and KG were amongst the top 5 NBAers in need of a change of scenery. Little did I know that meant the Cs a few months later. [Jan 25th]

Barbaro was Euthanized on my birthday, happy birthday me. [Jan 29th]

Trying to Buy Yankee Tickets is a Pain in the Assholes [Jan 31st]

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