The End Of December Production Decline

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sorry boys and gals but the ole production here may be on a bit of a decline for the next two weeks. Because I haven't taken many of my vacation days this year and they evaporate at the end of the year my last day of work for 07 is manana. Today I'm studying for a final I'm probably gonna bomb anyway, so hence the no production today.

Anyway there should be posts a plenty tomorrow, the typical Weekly Waste, and Video Blowouts on friday and a review of each months best/most interesting posts/stories and a sporadic post here and there if I get time. Otherwise there won't be too much here.

Anyway here I'm sitting here studying at home right now and have the TV on and one of those made for tv ads come on. It's for a plastic piece of garbage that you can put your laptop on for a mild incline, so its more ergonomic or whatever. It costs 20 bucks, it probably costs 50 cents to make. So god damn stupid. Porta Book < Porta Potty.

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