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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

You have the ball in a tie game with 5.2 seconds left coming out of a timeout. Your options should be win or go to overtime. As a coach there is no way you should lose the game. If your team loses the game in regulation it should be completely put on your shoulders.

I'm not going to kill him for either of the failed decisions but the results are what matters. I understand giving the ball to Pierce on the final possession, I don't like it, but I understand it. He's the 'clutch' guy, apparently he's the man for the final second. He had an off night and probably wasn't the best option but I'll get over the decision to give him the shot. However, not instructing him to take his dumb fade away jumper when there was under a second in regulation was completely idiotic.

The next decision to put in Tony Allen was questionable but not terrible. House isn't a good defender and Rondo was getting abused downlow by Billups, so putting in the athletic Allen was not a bad move. However, you as a coach have to know that he is completely overaggressive and that Billups and Rip are two of the masters of the pump fake and rub. In the huddle you should emphasize not biting on any pump fakes, especially to Ray, who's smart enough to know better in the closing seconds, and Tony who were guarding the likely culprits.

Both decisions were bad but not terrible, but the end result is completely Docs fault and reminded me of the days which seem long ago where I wouldn't have minded if his head was on a platter.

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Agreed Simon, although I'm going to have to give Pierce .01% of the blame for A) Not knowing to shoot with less time on the clock (should he really have to be told?) and B) for not making the damn shot in the first place. That was pretty good look was it not? And that was a pretty ugly result was it not?

Andrew said...
8:32 AM  

The end of the coaching isnt what doomed them in this game, it was the 2nd half line up choice of matching up eddie against lindsey hunter and to compound that he took out ray allen leaving pierce as the secondary ball handler. It is known that eddie house is sub-par against strong pressure d and hunter is a great on the ball pressure defender. I know rondo was in foul trouble but eddie house needs to play with ray allen at all times in a close game vs teams that can provide legitimate on the ball pressure d

tmags said...
11:17 AM  

Couldn't Pierce have continued rolling over his right shoulder as he received that pass and gone to the basket? The tv angle showed he had the angle to go baseline, which looked like either an easy layup or foul since he had Prince sealed off with his right hip. Why he chose the fade-away instead of going to the hoop is beyond me. He had to feel that he had his man sealed, and going to the hoop would have used up any remaining time. He either scores or goes to the line.

Joe said...
11:59 AM  

Pierce deserves at least 50% of the blame - he has to know the time and as you said..get the win or go to collapse in the final 5 seconds after getting a break with the awful attempt by Pierce - as someone said take it to the hoop...layup...foul...and no time left...fallaway was awful.

Also as tmags said - the pressure defense was the run Detroit needed...all the Celts needed was SOMEONE to dribble...

Anonymous said...
4:03 PM  

Pierce should have taken that shot with no time left whether blocked or a missed shot... the only option was to win or OT in which case the C's would have the momentum and homecourt...It was a truly dumb move by Pierce and the coaching staff...

jon said...
4:33 PM  

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