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Friday, December 14, 2007

Well since this is the biggest story of the week by a landslide, let's just do a little Mitchell Report Themed Weekly Waste of Oxygen. There's plenty of people who obviously suck.

1. Players Association - This report in reality accomplished little to nothing. They only additional names this report dug up were from Radomski and in reality you know that sooner or later they would have just bubbled to the surface anyway. For the most part the Players Association is to blame for this. They refused all cooperation even if they were 100% clean of wrong doing, their unwillingness to do any ratting just meant that this was for the most part a waste of time and money.

2. Roger Clemens - He's the #1 target in this report and he has the most to lose after the report. He's often been described as the best pitcher of this generation if not the best pitcher of all time and now with this report and 1st hand experience of steroid injections he's no better than Barry Bonds. A cheat and a crook.

3. Paul Lo Duca - Paully comes off in this report as the little douche that got everybody on the drugs. Not only did he do it himself but he got them for Gagne, got Kevin Brown on them etc. Lo Duca is just as bad if not worse than Radomski.

4. MLB GMs - This report paints a seriously bad picture of some major league GMs. It was evident that the Giants general manager knew that Barry Bonds was juicing. It was evident that the Dodgers GM knew that Kevin Brown was juicing. And it was evident that Theo Epstein was told that Gagne's injuries were a result of his steroid use. And yet none of these GMs did anything but reward these players for their skills. One can imagine that this is just scraping the surface of General Manager's negligence around the league.

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4 way tie in my opinion.

It's pretty obvious that Gag-me got off the juice in Boston though, he started sucking so bad it was embarrassing.

In fact, didn't you call him the Yankees MVP at one point?

I also have some breaking news on the same scale as the Mitchell report: When it snows, traffic jams occur.

Hart said...
10:36 AM  

Also when it snows my car breaks down (transmission blows up) and AAA says go fuck yourself we're picking up accidents and not broken down cars...

Simon said...
10:39 AM  

This is more of an obvious answer for me. You can look at this as what people did in the past or what people will do in the future to change the way baseball has been going. Clemens, Lo Duca, the GMs, and the Players association are all at fault (along with others), but the weekly waste goes to the Players Association. They are the ones that will prevent steps needed to move forward from this.

Bob Kraft said...
11:15 AM  

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