Coco is Crap

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What am I missing here? The Twins don't want Hughes and Cabrera, but they want Crisp and Lester. I could argue that Hughes is better than Lester but I'll save that for another time, but the fact that Coco Crisp sucks is evident. He's hit in the .260s the past two seasons for the Red Sox, he's already 28 so he's not a burgeoning prospect, he's overpaid and the Red Sox benched him in the World Series.

The Red Sox have no place for Coco Crisp and are probably happy to include him in any deal. He shouldn't up the value of any deal at all he should probably bring down the value because he's vastly overpaid. If you're the Twins and you demand Kennedy, Hughes and Cabrera I just don't get how you settle for Coco, Lester and Justin Masterson a mid 4 ERA A-AA ball pitcher. Doesn't make much sense.

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