Clemens First Under the Bus

Thursday, December 13, 2007

ESPN came out this morning, apparently couldn't wait a few hours for the official report, and threw Clemens name under the bus. I guess the whole Les Miles debacle hasn't taught ESPN any patience but for the sake of argument let's just assume they are correct and that Clemens is in fact on the report. Is anybody surprised by this? Where there's smoke there's fire and when Grimsley came out and mentioned Clemens well that was the smoke. Plus the fact he had a low 2 ERA in his 40s, a bit ridiculous.

I honestly think that by the end of this report people just are going to care that much less about the past steroid users. Once a large amount of big names come out and everyone just can't pinpoint all of their rage on Barry Bonds people are going to lose interest. I don't even think people that did not take anything will get an added bonus, it will be well no one said he took steroids but who knows.

That same article said that the Yanks will have several players on this list and that it will be a 'Rough Day in the Bronx'. So here's to what could be an interesting day.

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