Being that Anti Trade Guy Again

Monday, December 03, 2007

This past summer when the Celtics traded for KG, I was on of the very few who didn't like the deal. I mostly didn't like how my favorite player on the franchise was getting shipped off for a much older, but better player. After the first month of the season it certainly seems as if I was wrong, but I'm going to wait atleast a bit longer before I admit full defeat and bow down to Danny Ainge.

Well now only a few months later while the Yankees are rumored to be the frontrunners to land Johan, I again feel like mister trade negativity. Is Johan the best pitcher in baseball? Most likely. Would I like him on the Yankees? Surely. Do I want the Yankees to give up multiple top prospects so that they can sign him to the richest pitching deal in the history of baseball? Absolutely not.

While what the Yankees are rumored to have to give up to obtain Johan are far ranging I just don't like any of it. So far I've seen anywhere from as little as Hughes, Cabrera, and a prospect to Hughes, Kennedy, Cano and Cabrera (credit Simmons on that ludicrous one). While the first low ball offer, which probably won't get the deal done, I still don't like it.

I could search for numbers but I honestly don't feel like it. If you watched the Red Sox win the World Series last year you should know the value their rookies and youth had on the team. Melky brings some excitement and joy to an otherwise old roster and Hughes just a season ago was the #1 prospect in baseball. They could be valuable pieces for the Yankees for a long time.

I'm not going to make a case that the trade is bad for the Yankees baseball wise either, it's just lame. I want the Yankees to win, but eventually you get sick of buying everybody else's talent and taking advantage of small market teams. Right now the Yankees roster is littered with people that came through their system. Going out and buying the best pitcher of baseball because another team can't afford him just limits some of the connection I would feel with the team.

To sum up it up, I'm not going to be pissed if the Yanks make this deal, mostly because I am not as attached to any of these players as I was to Big Al, but I'd prefer the Yanks just go out and suit up the youth for a change.

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