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Friday, December 07, 2007

Back to the scumbags of the world this week which consists of a lot of masterbation, some cross dressing and everyones favorite (least) sportscaster.

1. Ashley Young - Masterbating in front of a Webcam? Seriously dude? This is what you do before your games to get you pumped up? What the hell is wrong with you, did you not think that someone was going to see this and leak it to the British press especially considering how in love with tabloid news the Brits are? You're an idiot.

2. Bartholomew McInerney - Speaking of masterbation, what kid of dude wants to watch kids on his baseball team fondle themselves on video in front of him. Well thats Bartholomew and he should be repeatedly kicked in the groin is what I say. What a sick perverted dude.

3. John Maine Impersonator - First off why in the world would you be impersonating John Maine? He's A) a goofy looking dude and B) Not that big of a name drop. Next trying on woman's dresses? Seriously I hope John Maine finds you and fires a fastball into your throat, granted the fastball won't be very fast but still right in the throat.

4. Stephen A. Smith - Yes Stephen my blog and all other blogs should be shut down because we lack credibility and credentials and I haven't worked hard at journalism school. But at the very least I wasn't voted the least favorite sportscaster in America like you, and unlike some of your coworkers I don't break inaccurate stories to the country like Les Miles is going to accept the coaching job at Michigan or Eli Manning is out for atleast a month, when he plays the next week.

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Leave Kirk Herbstreit Alone!!! He's a human Being!!

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