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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Over at EC we held a Mitchell Report Fantasy Draft where the objective is to pick out those who you think will wind up in the Mitchell Report. The only guidelines were that you could not pick Balco boys and those that have already been busted by MLB. We held the draft this afternoon and here are my selections.

1. Ivan Rodriguez - He's got no power anymore and lost like 30 pounds one off season. Plus he played with Canseco and a bunch of obvious juicers.

2. Nomar - Has anyone gotten injured more than Nomar since they started testing? Plus the guy has no power whatsoever anymore.

3. Jay Payton - I wanted to pick a Met because of the whole Radomski thing and I couldn't quite decide but landed on Jay Payton after I saw that pick and the fact that he's now a bum.

4. Jeff Bagwell - Probably my worst pick. I think he juiced but I just don't know if he winds up in the report.

5. Sammy Sosa - I guess people were not aware they could draft Sosa. But he's never been busted by anyone. But he definitely took roids so here's hoping he ends up in the report.

Check out my competition if you want.

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