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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Now that the shit hit the fan and both Mizzou and WVU lost yesterday there will be much debate over who will join Ohio St. in the National Championship game. So it's time to make a case for every single team.

Hawaii - We're undefeated. Have you noticed that zero next to our record, it means we haven't lost to anybody yet. So while you see a massive 2 next to everyone else you're considering you should notice that the zero is much much prettier and much more used to being in the title game.

LSU - We're the best team in the country. Everybody's been saying that the entire season. Plus do you really think we would have lost to Arkansas if those Bastards from Auburn didn't blow up Dorsey's knee. We just won the best conference in the country and in doing so we won without Dorsey, Flynn and for half the game Doucet. That's how good we are. Plus we have yet to lose in regulation this year, which really is like 2 ties. And if we were 11-0-2 we'd be in the game and ranked #1.

VaTech - We're the feel good story. We perceivered for our university after a tragedy. Wouldn't it be a storybook ending if we won the national championship for our community. And really if we just shut down Ryan for 6 minutes we would be there. And look past that LSU loss it was the 2nd week of the season and we hadn't gelled yet as a unit, and we're playing much better than them now.

Georgia - Who's hotter than us? Nobody. We haven't lost since our trip to Rocky Top and that was straight luck. Since then we've been dominating the SEC, to the tune of you guys ranking us 4th in the country. Why should we be jumped simply because UT won a stupid tie breaker with us and not allowing us to dominate LSU in the SEC title game.

USC - We have the most talent in the country, everybody knows this. We lost to Stanford cause Booty was playing with a broken hand. And we lost to Oregon cause they were the best team in the country when Dixon was healthy we were on the road and we were forced to play Dirty Sanchez cause Booty was still hurt. And we only lost by 7. Now we're back on track and crushing people every week. No one wants us in the title game because we're more talented than them.

Oklahoma - You watch last night? We played the #1 team in the country voted by you. And we tooled on them for the second time this year. Sure we had a stumble against Colorado, but do you think we would have lost to TT if Sam Bradford didn't get knocked out. I don't think so. We're a powerhouse every year, our QB is playing lights out and we had one stumble which is better than most teams can say.

Kansas - Hey over here. Don't forget about us. We just barely lost last week to Missouri and we only have 1 loss. You see all those other teams? They all have 2 losses. We play in the Big 12, we only have one loss, why should you reward these 2 loss teams instead of us. Just because we didn't play in the Big 12 title game because of a tie breaker? Come on.

Missouri - If we didn't play Oklahoma we would be undefeated? You don't want to listen to me do you? Ok, fine.

Arizona St. - I'd try to make a case, but I doubt you'd care. But we can go to the Fiesta Bowl right? You guys are ok with that right?

West Virginia - You see why we lost two games this season right? Pat White got hurt in both games. If he stayed on the field we would have won both games. Why should we be kicked out in favor of another two loss teams when they have less excuse then we do for our losses. And you all know you wanted to see the Mountaineers in the title game.

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