NFL Week 14 Awards

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wow You Guys Suck: San Francisco 49ers, When you completely shutdown the best player on the other team, and 3 yards is a total shutdown, but you still lose by 20 points you know just how badly your team sucks. It took Trent one pass attempt to throw a touchdwown for the wrong team. The Pats will enjoy their 2nd overall draft pick. Runners Up: Atlanta is just a piss poor team, Miami needs no elaboration.

This Scarecrow Needs a Brain: Anthony Smith, Way to back up all that shit talk Anthony. You played so well this weekend and so did your team. WHy are you even talking to the press anyway. No one knows who you are. Next time perhaps you should just say next question. Runners Up: Apparently Mangini screwed up the entire last two minutes of the game to which I respond who cares, the Steelers '#1' D forgot that receivers needed to be covered and pressure needed to be put on the quarterback.

Cough Cough Cough: Detroit Lions, At half time I thought to myself damn the Lions actually might still be kicking after their piss poor 2nd half start. And then much like their season they collapsed in the 2nd half. Witten intially bailed them out with a fumble at the one but the Lions choked on the field goal attempt and then just let the Cowboys drive the length of the field yet again for the winning td. Runners Up: Tennessee equally watched their playoff hopes slip away when they coughed up a should have been win against the Bolts, Pittsburgh's secondary cause I want to pile it on.

The Shocker: Houston Texans, Um I guess you can consider this a shock but the Bucs aren't very good they are simply a product of their easy schedule. But... Runners Up: 2 of the 16 underdogs won this week one was the Texans and the other was the Giants who are going to the playoffs while the Eagles are not it was a very predictable and dull weekend for the NFL.

The Pimp: Tom Brady, this repeat cycle is already old. He's 4 touchdowns away from the all time record and he kicked the shit out of me in my fantasy playoff matchup. And in the next two weeks Tom Brady is going to win 80% of the fantasy leagues out there after he puts up 5 touchdowns against both the Jets and the Dolphins. Runners Up: Todd Collins um ya you're still in the NFL apparently and I guess you play better than well most of the QBs in the league, Tony Romo is a poor man's Brady (Typical Football Analyst Comment).

You Got JAKKED UP: Vince Young/Shawne Merriman, Young got knocked up pretty bad by a cheap shot by Merriman. And then the Titans hurt Merriman, quality karma.

My Fantasy Anti-MVP: Purple Jesus, Um hey Adrian, I know you've been awesome the entire season, but it would be nice if you god damn show up in my playoff matchup when I'm facing Tom Brady for the third time of the season. 3 yards? Nice job.

New York Jets MVP: Who Cares, I really only will care if the Jets beat the Pats this week, the rest of the games outcomes are meaningless to me.

My Picks

My Picks: 13-3
Preseason Picks: 10-6
Picks Vs. Spread: 8-8

Just call me Mr. 500.

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