November's Waste of Oxygen Award

Monday, December 10, 2007

Another month down in 2007 and there were plenty of scum bags to choose from. Here are your voting options for the month.

Week 1, Scott Boras - A pretty easy candidate selection for this week. The man has no respect for anything. Regardless of who leaked what to the press, he's the one that sent the text messages and the voice mails saying Arod opted out during the final game of the World Series. And then to top it off you give some meaningless excuse to why he opted out and then the next day say you regret doing it during the Series. Shut up.

Week 2, Don Shula - Whine Whine Whine Whine Whine. I think that's all that was coming out of elderly Don's mouth this weekend. He just seems like an old bitter man right now. He bitched and moaned last year when his son got canned at Alabama and now he obviously wants an asterisk whether he comes out and says it or not.

Week 3, Milana Dravnel - So if you were a prostitute, or escort, or just general slutty woman and you dressed up a professional boxer in drag and took photographs of him and eventually published these embarrassing photos online for all to see and ridicule what would then be the next step. Suing for defamation of course because by Oscar saying those photos weren't real he was calling you a liar. Only in America.

Week 4, The New York Knicks - Way to open up your mouth Q and challenge the best team in the NBA as says the current standings. You were right that the 'Big 3' have yet to win any titles, very observant of you. What you forgot is that by making a dumb ass quote like that you would give them that much more motivation to lay the hammer down on you. You're just lucky that Nate Robinson can hit flying buzzer beating half court shots so that you didn't set an all time New York Knick ineptitude record.

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Last Months Winner:
Stan Vaughn

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