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Friday, November 16, 2007

Some suckitude, some inappropriate crotch grabbing, a little drug induced delusions, and irresponsible suing. So basically a lit bit of everything this week.

1. Cheryl Richards - In Episodes of Cocaine induced delusions Cheryl takes the cake this week. Not only did she drive her car through a gate and into the Patriot practice facility but she was looking for a player that hasn't even been on the roster in 5 years. Perhaps she's a time traveler, that would explain the 80s haircut atleast, or perhaps she's just watched too much Journeyman or Quantum Leap. Or she needs to lay off the Coke.

2. Fisk Woman's Basketball - 101 points? You lost a game by 101 points? You're kidding right? How in a woman's basketball game could you possible give up over 100 points? It's not as if you were playing UConn or Tennessee. Why exactly do you even have a team if you're going to go out and score 22 points in a game. Just pathetic.

3. Lambeau Leap Crotch Grabber - This has been on just about every single sports blog in the world already. It's pretty simple you do not grab a mans crotch. I'm pretty sure Ruvell will think twice next time he scores a touchdown and goes to jump into the Lambeau crowd. Way to ruin it for everyone simply because you watched to touch a pro athletes dick.

4. Milana Dravnel - So if you were a prostitute, or escort, or just general slutty woman and you dressed up a professional boxer in drag and took photographs of him and eventually published these embarrassing photos online for all to see and ridicule what would then be the next step. Suing for defamation of course because by Oscar saying those photos weren't real he was calling you a liar. Only in America.

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