Degrees of Loss Separation: Tennessee > LSU

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Degrees of Loss Separation is a simple concept, I go out and find a highly rated team with some losses playing against a crappy team with lots of losses. Next I find a chain of losses which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt (not at all) that the underdog is going to pull the major upset and storm the field. The Final Outcome is calculated simply: Add up the scores of the losers, add up the scores of the winners in the degrees of loss separation and divide both by the # of degrees.

The Game: Tennessee Volunteers vs. Louisiana State Tigers

The SEC Championship game that no one really wanted. The Volunteers who have been winning by the narrowest margins after starting off the season getting pummeled twice were able to hold off the charging Bulldogs. Meanwhile LSU, stumbled last week and almost inconceivably is in danger of missing out on the BCS in a season where at many points they were thought to be the clear best team in the country. This final regular season Degrees is inspired by the fact I would like Michigan to play LSU in the Cap One Bowl and the fact that the Degrees is 4-3 and one of its losses was the LSU win over Ole Miss.

2ยบ of Loss Separation : Tennessee beat Kentucky beat LSU

The simplest degrees possible (well except if I picked a team that already beat a team) the Volunteers went into Lexington last week and managed to close out the Wildcats in triple overtime. In the exact opposite scenario LSU was closed out by Kentucky in Lexington during the 3rd overtime.

Final Outcome: Tennessee 47 LSU 44

Both of the outcomes went to triple OT so obviously the scores of the two games were both close and high scoring so the resultant outcome of the degrees is both. I doubt the Vols are more than 3 points better than LSU this weekend but after LSU's defense has looked susceptable in recent weeks this upset is certainly a possibility.

This would be the least of all upsets for the Degrees this season, but its Bowl Championship week so I was going to pick one of those games anyway.

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