What is Worth A Hall of Famer and a Top 5 Pick?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Joe Staley of Course...

After 10 NFL Weeks the overwhelming storyline in the NFL are the New England Patriots run at a historic undefeated season. Amongst the myriad of side stories the one that shines the most is the acquisition and stellar play of Randy Moss. Randy Moss has helped Tom Brady to astronomical numbers and has regained the form that once had people thinking he could surpass Jerry Rice as the greatest receiver of all time. And the Pats got him for the low low price of 4th round pick John Bowie.

Additionally if you've read Bill Simmons annoying diatribe, have any annoying Patriot fan friends, or are a 49er fan you know that the San Francisco 49ers do not have their first round pick this season. So as their fanbase sulks in the misery of their 2-6 record going on 2-14 they will instead be watching the Uber Patriots use their top draft pick to bolster their already epic roster.

What has been missed by most people is that one man links both of these story lines together. That man is the Right Tackle for the San Francisco 49ers, Joe Staley. Desperate for some offensive line help the 49ers traded up to the #28 spot to acquire Staley giving up both their 2008 Draft Pick and a 110th pick of the 2007 draft. A simple middle of the 4th round selection or so they probably thought. The Pats quickly parlayed the 110th pick into acquiring Randy Moss and the rest is history.

So Mr. Staley I hope you have a wonderful career, but you've got a lot to live up to if you want to be close to equal the value of Randy Moss and whomever the Patriots draft with the pitiful 49ers draft choice.

*Credit goes to my buddy Pete for this idea

Note*: The 49ers do have a first round pick this season, acquiring Colts selection in a 2007 Draft Day Trade.

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What if Pats draft D McFadden? Man oh Man

Mac G said...
12:45 PM  

Bill Belichick is a genius.

Hart said...
7:49 AM  

a cheating genius. And does he make trades or do the Pats not have a GM?

God Patriots fans are annoying. I hope Brady gets a Theisman injury.. THAT's how annoying you guys are.

Anonymous said...
1:32 PM  

What a ridiculous article. It's funny...because Patrick Willis is a future Hall of Famer and Staley would be a top ten pick if the draft were held after the rookie season.

Get BB's wanker out of your mouth and maybe you'll stop looking so ridiculous in hindsight.

The only thing the 49ers would change is their record...

Anonymous said...
11:59 AM  

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