NCAA Week 13 Power Rankings

Monday, November 26, 2007

Remember this is all about Quality Wins and Bad Losses so if you hold the best out of conference win in the country and play in a far superior conference you just might have an advantage in the rankings despite an extra loss or two.

1. Missouri -The Tigers leap up to take the #1 spot in the polls based on their big victory at Arrowhead this weekend. Unfortunately for them they still have one remaining game against the Sooners in what most likely will be a moderately hostile crowd. Quality Wins: @Illinois, Texas Tech, Kansas(n)

2. Louisiana State -I know losing at home in November is a no-no for making the title game and I am fully aware that this team has 2 losses while both the Mountaineer and Buckeyes do not. However, they have the single best out of conference win this season in the slaughter they put down on VaTech. They lost two games in Triple Overtime, one on a failed two point conversion. Yet somehow the pollsters rank Tech above the Tigers, great logic. Quality Wins: VaTech, Florida, Auburn, Miss St.

3. Georgia - Just in case you can't see the mini theme here 2 loss teams in the SEC > than one loss teams in conferences such as Big Ten and Big East. The Bulldogs faltering at Rocky Top and the Vols pulling out dramatic late victories the last two weeks denies College Football fans everywhere of the best possible SEC title game. Quality Wins: (n)Florida, Troy, Auburn, Kentucky, @GT Bad Loss: South Carolina

4. West Virginia -I think I might be reaching with West Virginia over Ohio State to be completely honest. As bad as the Big 10 is, I still think it's better than the Big East this year and thus that gives the edge to OSU. However, and maybe this is a complete reach, but I'm giving the slight edge to WVU for pounding Miss St. a bowl eligible SEC team that had some big upsets this season. Quality Wins: @Cincy, @Rutgers, Miss St., UConn

5. Ohio St. - The idle Buckeyes are unfortunately on the doorstep of another BCS title birth. All they need is for the favored Sooners to knock off Mizzou in the Alamo dome or the Wanny's to pull of a big upset. I really hope this doesn't happen and really wish voters would have kept LSU ahead of them in the polls. Quality Wins: @Penn St., Wisconsin, @Michigan

6. Oklahoma - Somehow someway the Sooners have an outside chance at the National Title game. If the Wanny boys knock off WVU, which as unlucky as it would seem it is the 2007 season, then the Sooners will arguably control their destiny. Defeating the #1 team in the Nation would certainly give them the largest boost in the polls and could elevate them above both LSU, VT, UGA and Kansas.Quality Wins: Texas(n), Missouri Bad Loss: Colorado

7. Boston College -There win losses are probably mildly less impressive than VT but I'll give them the little edge for knocking out the Hokies in Blacksburg. Either way the champion will be decided on saturday. Quality Wins: Wake Forest, @VT, @Clemson, GT Bad Loss: Maryland

8. Virginia Tech - The Hokies are playing their best football of the season and really are one final two minute collapse away from being the front runner for the BCS title game. They still have a ridiculous outside chance, but realistically its win and drink some Orange Juice.Quality Wins: @Clemson, FSU, @UVA, GT

9. Florida - Tim Tebow is everyone's hero. I bet all Gator fans are relieved the Broken hand happened this week and not during the heart of the SEC season. Either way the hand should be healed by the time he picks up the Heisman trophy in a few weeks. Quality Wins: Troy, Tennessee, @Kentucky, FSU

10. Tennessee - The Vols join the top 11 ranks after narrowly squeeking out back to back victories and winning the SEC East. Perhaps this will save fatty Phil from getting shitcanned. Quality Wins: UGA, @Miss St., Arkansas, @Kentucky Bad Loss: South Carolina

11. Illinois - Would anybody at the beginning of the season have thought for a single second that the Zookers were going to wind up a top 10 team at the end of the season. A few things tip there way this weekend and they could actually wind up in the Rose Bowl, who would have figured. Quality Wins: Penn St., Wisconsin, @Ohio St. Bad Loss: @Iowa

Dropped Out: Arizona St. couldn't hold up with the big boys of the Pac 10. Oregon is not good with their 3rd and 4th string QBs.

Noticeable Absences: Kansas should not be ranked that highly. They beat A&M, that's it. They played a few ok teams and lost to the only good team they played.

Previous Weeks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

(n) = neutral field

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