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Friday, November 16, 2007

~I want to lead this off by saying read my post at EC because it's one of my favorites I've written in awhile. It's about Lou Holtz being senile.

~Now onto Barroid. The Fact that he got indicted isn't really a surprise and I really can't say I care that much. If he gets convicted whatever, he gets off whatever. The thing I don't understand is why so many people are just blowing off perjury as if it's not a big deal at all. There's a reason the perjury crime exists and a reason why it should have a harsh penalty. Lying to the court is should not be stood for. So saying Barry shouldn't go to jail because he 'didn't commit a crime', is a pretty dumb statement.

~This game is fun if you want to burn a few minutes.

~Arod apparently has incentives for breaking the home run record. See that Joe, Arod can play for incentives.

~Jeter apparently lied and said he resided in Florida to avoid taxes. Um who cares.

~The Degrees of Loss Separation was correct once again, mostly to my dismay. I really wanted Oregon to run the table and sneak into the championship game. Now Tebow is going to win the Heisman with limited opposition, and no team I particularly enjoy is going to make the National Championship game. So yet another year where I will have no rooting interest in the title game. Ugh.

~If the Degrees of Loss Separation improves to 4-2 this weekend that would be ridiculous.

~Tony Romo being the #1 selling jersey in the entire NFL seems a bit odd to me.

~Michigan got pounded last night by Georgetown on the road, way to blaze the trail for another year without the NCAA tournament.

~Nintendo trivia. I got 13 of 25.

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