The Big 5 College Football Games of the Weekend

Thursday, November 08, 2007

5. FraudConn Huskies at Cincinnati Bearcats
Ok so I continue to be wrong about FraudConn and they continue to win week after week, I don't understand it. The Bearcats have some skill on their roster and have beaten some solid teams so far this season, so maybe just maybe they can end all this discussion of FraudConn being good. The Pick: I said I was going to pick them to lose every week until I was right.

4.Illinois Fighting Zookers at Ohio State Buckeyes
Two more games before the 50+ day layoff and the National Championship game. Up first for the Buckeyes are the fighting Zookers who somehow have managed to sneak into the top 3 in the Big 10. Hopefully the Zookers can stay in the game for awhile and perhaps challenge for the victory but I can't see the W happening. The Pick: Buckeyes pull away late much like last week.

3. Auburn Tigers at Georgia Bulldogs
LSU doesn't need to prove much more to justify them being the 2nd ranked team nationally, however facing a 2-loss Georgia in the SEC Championship game would be a nice way to top off the season. If Auburn was to pull the mild upset than that could pave the way for UT or the Gators to sneak into the title game instead. The Pick: UGA pulls out a close victory.

2. Louisville Cardinals at West Virginia Mountaineers
At the beginning of the season I, like the rest of the country, thought that this was going to be one of the biggest games of the season and then midway through everyone realized that Louisville had no defense. Louisville has bounced back in recent weeks with wins over Cincy and Pitt and Uconn (they won that game). So perhaps the Cardinals can give the Mountaineers a run for their money tonight. The Pick: Mountaineers because the Cardinals have no defense.

1. Kansas Jayhawks at Oklahoma State Cowboys
Why is this the biggest matchup of the weekend? Well mostly because nothing extraordinary is going on and partially because the Mangino's have another tester at their hands. The Cowboys have been an up and down team thus far this season but have showed the ability to beat good teams. Mangino better have quickly grabbed his players focus off their manslaughter of Nebraska and onto OSU if they want to win this weekend. The Pick: After Mangino Eats 4 Cheeseburgers in a post game celebration he is all focus.

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