NFL Week 12 Pick Suggestions

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One good week means this will definitely be a poor one.

5. Arizona Cardinals (-10 1/2) at San Fransisco 49ers
This line is absolutely ridiculous but the 49ers suck that bad.

4. Indianapolis Colts (-11 1/2) at Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons really shouldn't have anywhere near the amount of wins they currently have. They're gonna get pummeled.

3. New York Jets (+14 1/2) at Dallas Cowboys
The Jets have only gotten crushed once this season, and that was against the Pats. And the Cowboys are good but they're not the Pats.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (-16 1/2) vs. Miami Dophins
The Steelers will be back this monday after their O line decided to skip out on the Jets game.

1. New England Patriots(-22 1/2) vs. Philadelphia Eagles
I'm not picking against the Patriots. It's severely bad for your health.

Survivor League Pick: Death to Norv Chargers

Indy is the best team I've got remaining and they're playing the Falcons. Not difficulty.

Non-Spread Picks

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