Huh, Georgetown Has White Basketball Players?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Perusing ESPN's website I came across Report: G'town's Mescheriakov to miss 10 games. Immediately I thought to myself, Mescheriakov, that doesn't sound like a Georgetown hoopster. Than I opened up the article and saw that the first name was Nikita and naturally thought "well it ends in an A so it must be the Georgetown woman's team. I didn't know the Hoyas Woman's team was relevant."

Well I guess I was wrong. Nikita Mescheriakov is in fact male, he is in fact white and he is in fact a part of the Georgetown Hoyas Mens Basketball team. He was suspended for 10 games after he apparently suited up for a Professional squad in his native Belarus and will miss the tough season opener against William & Mary on saturday.

So the 07-08 Georgetown Hoyas will have a White European who is supposed to get decent minutes when he is active. I really have no idea what that's going to look like come Tournament time, it just seems odd to me. Could you honestly picture Big John, Patrick Ewing, AI, Dikembe Mutombo, Zo or anyone other Hoya for that matter conversing with a White kid from Belarus on the Hoya bench?

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This is taking the token white kid that cheers at the end of the bench to another level by getting a tall, goofy Euro-Trash kid.

JBills said...
3:21 PM  

Actually there were two white kids on the squad last year (only one scholarship.) Two on the team this year as well. Last white blue chipper was Matt Causey, who is now a Senior transfer at Georgia Tech.

Anonymous said...
6:06 PM  

My old boss was from Belarus and he was a dick. Thats all I got.

Hart said...
12:45 PM  

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