Thursday Afternoon Quicknotes

Thursday, November 08, 2007

~Papa Bear is running a marathon for charity in April so get your asses to this website and donate some money for Blood Cancer. He's running the Country Music Marathon in Nashville which I could only imagine makes you run faster since you will want to get the hell off the course as quickly as possible to avoid the brain damage which results from 4 hours of listening to country music. Not quite sure why he didn't target the ole Boston Marathon, but maybe on completion they give you a handle or two of Whiskey.

~I don't understand why Scalabrine has fans. I start the Scalabrine Watch and there are people that post comments directing to a Worship site? A worship site are you serious? You people have severe mental disorder. He's miserable at basketball, and why the hell would you worship him, I'd get an appointment at your local psychologist really soon. Anyway the Scalabrine Watch is here to stay, but he for the third straight game put up a + and not a - because the Celtics are beating teams by 30 points. KG had a +33 last night which is ridiculous.

~The Phillies traded for Brad Lidge yesterday which seems like a good idea. Get a closer and move the Ace of your staff back into your meager rotation. Myers was questionably moved into the bullpen last year and it was evident when they got bombed in their playoff series that they need some starting pitching. In other news, I don't get the Astros. Are they trying to get worse every offseason? Last year the Jason Jennings move didn't make much sense and they got much worse. This deal doesn't make that much sense either. Michale Bourn is lightning fast and may be a leadoff hitter in the making, but personally I don't think he's that good.

~Kentucky losing to Gardner-Webb was apparently more pathetic than the Wolverines losing to Appalachian St. this year. Either way both are piss poor and speak to these Universities scheduling shitty out of conference games. This loss should appropriately kill Kentucky's ranking.

~The Heat suck without D Wade. And that is a surprise to no one.

~I didn't touch on this from last week but David Wright is not a Gold Glove fielder. His winning was complete nonsense. And John McDonald not winning a Gold Glove at SS for the Blue Jays was equally crap.

~Apparently Dennis Dixon's lone class this semester is Billiards. Come on Dennis step it up and take something more challenging, like Bowling.

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