What's With the Flames

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

When a typical person heads to the barber they have a generic idea of what they want. I'm just curious how anyone would have the idea of turning their hair into a flame display. No team (Russell Westbrook). I've never heard of him before so how en fuego could he possibly be. Personally I think it looks dumb and isn't that cool unlike Ronny Ron and Petway last year who looked dumb but atleast the designs were moderately cool. I wonder how much extra he had to pay for this, hopefully not much.

Additionally when did the C in the UCLA jersey become yellow. Is it just me or does that look remarkably stupid. Obviously it's not that important I just don't really get why they would change from the classic look and really don't identify with the golden 'C'alifornia.

Courtesy of S2N

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The "C" in roman numerals stands for 100. The Bruins won their 100th national Champioship in all sports last year. the first to win 100 and one of three Pac-10 teams in the top 3 in Champioships. Stanford 94, USC 84 then a big drop off to Oklahoma State 48

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