NCAA Week 12 Power Rankings

Monday, November 19, 2007

Remember this is all about Quality Wins and Bad Losses so if you lose to a top ranked team its not going to kill you, if you lose to Appalachian St. in the opener it will haunt you the entire season. This season is just a big clusterf*ck, who the hell knows where these teams should be ranked and who exactly is the best of the bunch.

1. Louisiana State - LSU took care of their business this weekend and ignored the Degrees of Loss Separation. One more matchup against the Razorbacks and then a matchup against most likely the Tennessee Vols for a trip to the national title game. Against who? Who knows. Quality Wins: VaTech, South Carolina, Florida, Auburn, @Alabama

2. Georgia - Perhaps I've turned into the very thing I completely hate, an SEC homer, but Georgia looks like the 2nd best team in the country right now. The loss against the Gamecocks in week 2 was a bad one but they are playing better football than just about anyone right now and I wish wish the Vols would have lost this weekend so we could have gotten UGA LSU in the SEC Title game. Quality Wins: (n)Florida, @Bama, Troy, Auburn, Kentucky

3. Missouri -Who knew when the Mizzou Tigers knocked off the Zookers in the opening game of the season that we would sit in mid November thinking it was amongst the best Out of Conference wins in the country. If you look at the teams in the top 11 the only games that compare are LSU's pounding of VT and Oregon's pounding of Michigan at the Big House. Quality Wins: @Illinois, Texas Tech

4. Oregon -Not like it really matters cause they just lost the game to Arizona but they still have 3 quality wins. It really is a shame that they lost Dixon on thursday night to kill their season, they probably had enough fire power to atleast give LSU a run for their money in the Title game. Now they need help just to make the Rose Bowl. Quality Wins: @Michigan, USC, Arizona St., Houston Bad Loss: @Arizona

5. Ohio St. - I'll put them here based on beating the majority of the Big 10 teams even though the Big 10 sucks. I really hope that voters are dissuaded from voting OSU into the title game on the basis of their piss poor schedule, and wouldn't mind if they were dissuaded from voting them due to their beatdown in the title game last year. Quality Wins: Purdon't, @Penn St., Wisconsin, @Michigan

6. West Virginia - For the first time this season I've jumped the Mountaineers into the top 11. I think Fraudconn sucks but another win over a ranked team will probably convince me to hop them over Ohio St. for the simple fact that they atleast beat an SEC team that didn't finish at the absolute bottom of the conference. Quality Wins: @Cincy, Miss St., @Rutgers

7. Boston College -Just when it looks like BC is completely dead, Matt Ryan pulls off another comeback from his ass and now BC has two night road victories in the hardest stadiums in the ACC to play in. Certainly the loss to Maryland is unacceptable but now BC just has to focus on the rematch with VT. Quality Wins: Wake Forest, @VT, @Clemson Bad Loss: Maryland

8. Oklahoma - Your quarterback getting injured in a tough road environment just kills your season. Now the Sooners are the Buckeyes, Mountaineers and Sun Devils favorite team. If they go out and lose in the Big 12 title game then Mizzou or Kansas is almost assured of a title trip. If they go out and beat the Jayhawks or Tigers, than that opens the gates for any of those teams. Quality Wins: Texas(n), Missouri Bad Loss: Colorado

9. Virginia Tech - If the Hokies could have just hung on against BC they would be in perfect position to make a run at the title game, but alas they choked at the end and now have to maintain their focus and win a rematch with BC in the ACC Title game. Quality Wins: @Clemson, FSU

10. Florida - Tim Tebow could win 3 Heisman's in a row, it really is a possibility. With the season he's having so far he could go down as the best college quarterback in history. Quality Wins: Troy, Tennessee, @Kentucky, South Carolina

11. Arizona St. - The Sun Devils haven't done anything extra exciting this year but with a home matchup against against USC on thanksgiving they'll atleast have one potential big time win this season. Quality Wins: Cal, Oregon St.

Dropped Out: Kansas, look below.

Noticeable Absences: Kansas the #2 ranked team in the country. And why? They've played quite possibly the worst schedule in the history of a BCS school team. The Big 12 North is horrendous and they've avoided play Texas Tech, Texas and Oklahoma in other words the three best teams in the Big 12 South. Additionally, I removed A&M from the quality win category after my second thought, and realizing that A&M got pounded by Miami, who completely sucks. With all this being said if they beat Missouri and Oklahoma in back to back weeks they will shoot up to near the top.

Previous Weeks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

(n) = neutral field

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Why OSU's loss to Florida 1 yr ago still bears heavily on this year's team amazes me (a healthy Ted Ginn Jr last yr woulda made all the difference). That said, crushing Michigan in THE BIG HOUSE coming off their only loss tells me OSU would handle anyone right now. It wasn't OSU who lost to Colorado or Stanford or any of these other lowly ranked teams.

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