NCAA Week 9 Power Rankings

Monday, October 29, 2007

Remember this is all about Quality Wins and Bad Losses so if you lose to a top ranked team its not going to kill you, if you lose to Appalachian St. in the opener it will haunt you the entire season.

1. Louisiana State - An off week does a little bit to depreciate the LSU holding of the #1 spot in the poll. VaTech, the Cocks and Florida all lost. Additionally Kentucky fell for the 2nd consecutive week. The Bama matchup this weekend will help fortify their standing. Quality Wins: VaTech, South Carolina, Florida, Auburn

2. Oregon - One fumble at the goal line and they would be the #1 team in the country. Now they sit with wins over two perennial Rose Bowl squads. A win vs. Arizona St. will push them to the cusp of the #1 1 loss squad in the country. Quality Wins: @Michigan, USC

3. Oklahoma - The Sooners should be on cruise control until the Big 12 finals. However, with their not so stellar performance against Iowa St. and the trends thus far this season they better stay on their toes. Quality Wins: Texas(n), Miami, Missouri | Bad Loss: Colorado

4. Boston College - Matt Ryan puked his way to a win in Blacksburg. This will end up their biggest win of the season, but they still have to play FSU., Miami and Clemson. A lot of tests await the Eagles over the next few weeks. Quality Wins: Wake Forest, @VT

5. Ohio St. - The Buckeyes picked up a nice pounding of the whiteout this weekend. Still the Big 10 is atrocious. Purdue is the 3rd best team in the Big 10? Or Wisconsin? Either way those teams just are not good. Quality Wins: Purdon't, @Penn St.

6. Arizona St. - One game done in the gauntlet 3 more to go. I just can't see them beating Cal, Oregon, USC and UCLA in consecutive weeks. If they do that they will be the #1 team in the country. Quality Wins: Cal, Oregon St.

7. Kansas - Mangino is eating his way towards the top 5. What if this team somehow runs the table and picks up wins against Mizzou and Oklahoma? How would they be less deserving than Ohio St.? Quality Wins: @Kansas St., @A&M

8. South Florida - Back to back tough road losses against Big East contenders is a very difficult pill to swallow. However, they still have the win at Auburn and win over West Virginia to hang there hats on. But apparently AP voters think that Auburn with three losses is still better tahn South Florida... Quality Wins: @Auburn, West Virginia

9. Georgia - So I guess I was pretty wrong on the Bulldogs getting smoked at the cocktail party. Apparently Florida forgot how to stop the run. Now Georgia sits atop the SEC East and is LSU's best hope for a top notch SEC Title game. Quality Wins: (n)Florida, @Bama

10. Missouri - TT decided that they didn;t want to show up in Colorado thus stifling that win for Mizzou. Mizzou still has Kansas waiting for them during the final week of the season and a potential rematch vs. Oklahoma. They are on the fringe of elmination, but crazier things have happened. Quality Wins: @Illinois, Texas Tech

11. Alabama - Another week where I struggle to pick #11. I'm going with 11 because there's way too many teams that I can't rank and atleast they picked up a nice win over UT this week and have beaten 5-3 Arkansas. Quality Wins: Arkansas, Tennessee

Dropped Out: Kentucky because the Degrees don't lie, VaTech had a nice opportunity to jump up the rankings but blew it at the end, Florida with the #3 loss on the season

Noticeable Absences: West Virginia has only beaten Rutgers I await their manslaughter of Uconn in the coming weeks. Uconn beat South Florida and are in the lead of the Big East, however they really have 3 losses.

Previous Weeks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

(n) = neutral field

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