Welcome to the Hall of the Over-Hyped: Drew Henson

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The immortal Drew Henson is the first entrant into the Hall of the Over-Hyped. Henson is an appropriate inaugural entrant as his over-hyping came in multiple sports at multiple levels.

Michigan Credentials

The Over-Hyping began at the University of Michigan. A High School legend in the state of Michigan, Drew Henson was wanted by many fans to start over the Californian upperclassman starting quarterback. That quarterback, just so happened to be Tom Brady, on track to becoming the greatest QB in NFL history. Additionally Brady during his senior year lead the Wolverines to a 10-2 record including victories over the Buckeyes and a Bowl win, while throwing 20 tds to 6 ints. Henson in his final year at QB finished with 18 tds to 4 ints with wins over the Buckeyes and a Bowl win as well. However, the Wolverines finished the season at 9-3 and lost to Northwestern that season. Both players entered their respective NFL drafts with similar stats with the difference being Henson had declared he was solely going to pursue a career in the MLB. Despite this fact both were drafted in the 6th round.

MLB Credentials

In High School, Drew Henson was awarded the High School Player of the Year award by the USA today which resulted in a 3rd round pick in the MLB draft. Henson was eventually given a 6 year 18 million dollar contract by the New York Yankees to persuade him into choosing baseball as a profession. In 6 years in the minors Henson finished with a career 556 Ks to 460 Hits including leading the minors with 151 in 2002. After the 2003 season Henson gave up baseball and returned to pursuing his football career. He finished with one career major league base hit.

NFL Credentials

After giving up baseball and announcing his intentions to pursue quarterbacking in the NFL, Henson was traded by the Texans to the Cowboys for a 3rd round pick. Throughout his first NFL season multiple Cowboy fans questioned Bill Parcells for starting ancient Vinny Testaverde over Henson. Henson was eventually given the start on Thanksgiving day only to complete 4 of 12 passes and be replaced in by Vinny. In 2005 he was surpassed by Tony Romo on the depth chart for backup quarterback. At the start of the 2006 season he was cut by the Cowboys and since has been signed and cut by the Vikings twice and is currently not on a roster. His career numbers read 10 for 18 for 78 yards with 1 td and 1 int.

Current Status

Henson is currently not on an NFL Roster and the lone mentions of him in Google News are aligned with the likes of Tom Brady and how some how some way the hype machine led Michigan fans, myself included, to believe he was better than the greatest qb in the history of the nfl.

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