Scott Boras is an Ass

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The 8th inning of the potential last game of the World Series. This is when Scott Boras decides he would like to break the news to the World that his prized client is opting out of his contract. The 8th inning of a World Series game. What an attention whore. Not only do we get the simple announcement but we even were lucky enough to get a generic bullshit statement about how the flux of the Yankees organization is behind the opt out, instead of anything closely resembling the truth.

One would have hoped that FOX would have been above all of this garbage. Told Scott to go shove his news up his ass and focus on the fact that a game was being played, a game which should be the showcase of baseball, a game that deserves the entire attention of the broadcast team. Instead, we get this garbage, and instead of focusing on the game at hand we get a conversation between Sideline Ken, Buckers and McCarver.

What an all around disgrace. Shame on Scott Boras for once again proving how greed driven he is. Shame on Arod for not having the sense to show the game and its grandest stage some respect. And shame on FOX for airing and discussing an irrelevant topic while the Red Sox were on route to their 7th World Series crown.

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Here, here.

DCScrap said...
11:29 PM  

Does intention = attention?

Bob Kraft said...
8:46 AM  

Apparently rage midnight and grammar don't mix well.

Simon said...
9:17 AM  

4th world series title? Isn't it more like 6 (7 if you count when they were called the Boston Americans)?

stathead said...
1:45 PM  

Boras better be in this weeks "weekly waste of oxygen" ... He's such an ass. As much as I despise the Red Sox, NO ONE is bigger than the world series.

AJ Ferre' said...
3:32 PM  

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