Raiders Fans Are Smarter Than You Think

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yesterday afternoon Awful Announcing explained to everyone how the folks in the Bay Area and Houston were going to be the lone poor chaps to miss out on watching the game of the century. Well not so fast AA. The Raider fans are smarter than you think. Much smarter than you think.

According the NFL rules if any NFL franchise does not sell out a home game then the cable companies operating within a 75 mile radius from the stadium will be blocked from showing the game. Currently the game is not a sellout and unless the Raider fans flock to the ticket booths and purchase every last one by 1:15 tomorrow afternoon then the folks within 75 miles of the stadium will unfortunately be barred from watching their Oakland Raiders face off against the illustrious Houston Texans.

Taking this punishment in stride, football fans in the Bay Area will instead be forced into watching CBS's coverage of the 8-0 New England Patriots traveling to Indy to face off against the Colts. And all this time you thought Raider fans were just a bunch of rowdy morons, when the whole time they have been clever savants. Utilizing NFL rules to garner coverage of the best game available instead of the mediocre battle in their backyard.

Unfortunately for the folks of Houston and people just outside this 75 mile radius, they're stuck with the meaningless contest.

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Um, for the record, the Raiders don't sell out games all the time. That's because the last 20K seats are on what the locals call Mount Davis, an abomination that stretches up so far above the field, you can't even tell the Raiders stink.

DMtShooter said...
4:20 PM  

Oh no. You can still tell.

Anonymous said...
1:07 AM  

Simon, stop posting as anonymous.

and you can still tell.

Bob Kraft said...
9:04 AM  

that wasn't me... I'm not up at 1 AM

Simon said...
9:49 AM  

Colin Cowherd has been saying all day that the pats are going to win (To add to a past post).

Bob Kraft said...
11:08 AM  

"Than" versus "then." Do you know the difference?

Anonymous said...
12:32 PM  

One has an e one has an a. What do I win Anonymous?

Simon said...
12:38 PM  

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