NFL Week 7 Awards

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wow You Guys Suck: St. Louis Rams Offensive Line, When you're being compared to the offensive lines of the Houston Texans during the David Carr era, you know that you are an atrocious unit. I understand Orlando Pace being hurt is a killer, but you guys still have Tory Holt, Marc Bulger and Steven Jackson. You should be able to put up some points. Runners Up: The Jets Overall Defense & The Dolphins Secondary were pretty pathetic.

Cough Cough Cough: Jeff Garcia, For some dumb reason QB rating doesn't include fumbles, so Jeff Garcia looks like he had a diesel 316 yard 2 td performance with a superb QB rating. But the two fumbles he lost completely cost his team the game. Runners Up: Mr. Culpepper throwing an INT while driving for the go ahead FG, Steelers D couldn't hold up Cutler in the closing seconds.

This Scarecrow Needs a Brain: Brad Childress, I don't know how anybody could make this any clearer to Brad Childress but week after week he doesn't listen. Give the ball to Adrian Peterson more than any other player on your roster. And stop starting Tarvaris Jackson while you're at it, he sucks. Runners Up: Ken Wisenhunt deciding that an end around WR option pass on a crucial 2-point conversion was the right call, Dolphins shouldn't even have shown up on sunday they should have just forfeited atleast then Ronny Brown wouldn't be out for the year.

The Shocker: Brian Griese,Who the hell saw a 97 yard game winning drive from the Chicago Bears coming? I know the Eagles aren't exactly a super team this season, but a 97 yard drive? With under 2 minutes to play no less. Wow. Runners Up: Buffalo dropping the Ravens who aren't as advertised, The Lions are 4-2 I repeat 4-2.

The Pimp: Tom Brady, If Tom Brady played and tried the entire game sunday afternoon is there any doubt that he would have ended up with 8 touchdowns? Really the fact that the Dolphins weren't allowed to plead for the mercy rule at half-time is laughable. So much for the questionable 17 point spread. Runners Up: Kenny Watson with a mediocre 130+ yards and three tds against the woeful Jets, Rob Bironas with 8 (yes 8) field goals

You Got JAKKED UP: My Psyche, I'm too reeling as a fan to pay attention everywhere. The New York Jets are the most frustrating team in the NFL to watch this season. Since week 1 they have been in every game in the closing minutes and have failed every single time. Internally I've been JAKKED UP.

My Fantasy Anti-MVP: New York Jets, As I've already mentioned I got boned by a super week. What in part sparked the super week? The New York Jets. Not only did they lose to give me agony, but Pennington threw 3 touchdowns including a meaningless hail mary td with 0 seconds and a 2 point conversion right afterwards. 2 of those 2 tds were to Coles, also on the opponents squad. And additionally the Jets gave up the huge week to Watson. Horrible.

New York Jets MVP: Nobody, I can't think of any positive thing to say about this team right now, and I can't pinpoint one player that stood out above the rest when it comes to horrendous play. They all suck.

My Picks

My Picks: 6-8
Preseason Picks: 10-4
Picks Vs. Spread: 10-4

Spread picks not so good, non spread picks pretty good.

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