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Monday, October 29, 2007

1. Talk to the hand cause the face ain't listenin.
2. Coach asked for more Sass during today's game.
3. I have five fingers, five beautiful little fingers that you will not be touching anytime soon sir.

1. I can't believe my boyfriend is wearing Jorts right now.
2. I should have stayed in the parking lot for a few more quarters and had a few more cocktails, that way instead of being depressed right now I would be throwing up in the stall and have no idea what went on.
3. Me laying Tebow is not as cool as I had imagined 3 hours ago.

1. Here at NC State we pride ourselves on having eyes.
2. We won a game I can't believe we actually won a game.
3. Coach kept on telling us that it sucked that he left BC and how BC was great and how this was the dumbest decision he ever made and that got me thinking maybe we should beat Virginia so we could leave BC as the only undefeated ACC team.

1. This would be so much funnier if it was lemon lime Gatorade.
2. Woo, I beat the Gators, I beat the Gators yippy this is awesome, I can't believe I beat the Gators.
3. I'm going to make my very own T-Bag Tebow shirt, it's going to be great.

1. What the hell does this little brown jug have to do with football?
2. I wonder if you can attach a funnel to the bottom of this thing.
3. Either way we're flowing straight Bud Diesel out of the jug this evening, we may even invite Lloyd... Sike.

What's worse? The fact that I could use a trip to the salad bar, the enormous amount of paint I have put on my face, the fact that I actually spent money on this stupid looking Wolfpack hat on my head, or the fact that I am acknowledging that I am a fan of North Carolina State.

1. I have no idea what I am but it's a pretty sick Halloween costume.
2. My goal for this trip to the game was to make as many little kids cry as possible, so far I'm at 12, let's hope I can add to that in the 2nd half.
3. Am I a Zombie Skeleton Devil with Salad on my head?

1. This losing thing is bad for my hair line.
2. We need to start paying people on a roster like we used to with Reggie.
3. I have to pick between Dirty Sanchez and a Shitty Booty for my quarterback each week, this sucks, where's my hollywood playboy.

1. This game would have been way more fun if our defensive line decided to be faster than Matt Ryan and tackle him. or...
2. If your Secondary decided to cover the receivers in the closing minutes instead of letting them float to open areas.
3. I can fly, Turkeys can fly... Except in the final 3 minutes.

Butch "This is how you properly cup the balls. Palm up fingers out."
Official "Um Butch how about you concentrate on coaching your team."
Butch "I know, I know I just wanted to teach you an important life lesson."
Official "Um... Sure Butch."

1. This is exactly why coach has us in Yoga class in the offseason.
2. I'm also trying out for small forward on the hoops team just in case you wanted a walk in Coach Gillespie.
3. If I was a pitcher in the majors this would have Oblique Strain written all over it.

1. Goodnight Heisman Dreams.
2. It was way more fun when we beat LSU and everyone thought we were really good than it is turning the ball over on every other possession and losing.
3. Atleast college basketball is only a few weeks around the corner, we kept the Kentucky fans occupied for longer than they thought they were going to be.

1. I call all of my timeouts with an upside down T.
2. Ya Degrees of Loss Separation knew we were going to win this game.
3. I on the other hand had no idea that we were going to beat a ranked team.

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