Grinds My Gears: The "Hot Spot" of Baseball

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Connecticut lies smack in the middle of the undeniable biggest rivalry in American sports. In Connecticut there is an imaginary line which goes through Hartford where the Yankee fan territory and Red Sox fan territory begin to blur. My home city of Shelton lies a respective 1 hour and 21 minutes from both Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium and only 2 hours and 28 minutes from Fenway Park, so says mapquest. So this sounds great, the close proximity of some of the best teams in baseball means fantastic action everyday, or so you would assume.

Major League Baseball enforces black out rules throghout the country in order to encourage viewers to purchase cable channels which typically show these programs. Major League Baseball sets what counties these regions contain. What does this blackout really do you might be wondering? In fact it does not effect much, simply put on games broadcast by ESPN (except for their national Sunday broadcast), TBS and WGN if a team within your blackout zone is playing on these stations you will be unable to watch them.

Who cares right, if you want to watch your locale team play simply get the channel they play on? This is where my cable company comes in to dig the knife deeper in its baseball viewerships back. My cable company Tele-Media, a subsidiary of Adelphia, does not give me the option of purchasing NESN (New England Sports Network), the station which broadcasts Red Sox games, nor the option to purchase SNY (SportsNet New York), the newly formed station which broadcasts Met games. Apparently, when asked Tele-Media has stated that picking up NESN is a more important goal for their company, even though NYC is twice as close as Boston and the Mets blackout zone covers all of southern Connecticut. In addition Tele-Media is lazy. Shelton, even though it is the red headed stepchild, is still a part of Fairfield County, which is far enough away from Boston to not lie within the Red Sox blackout zone. However, Tele-Media headquarters lies within the Red Sox blackout zone and thus they blackout all of their customers. When comfronted members of Tele-Media avoided answering the question by redirecting callers to Adelphia, basically a dead end.

So in summary I live an hour and a half away from Shea Stadium, easily within Met Fan territory, however my cable company does not allow me to watch more than national broadcasts, the occasional weekend game on Channel 11, and the subway series, because I do get YES. Red Sox games in addition I am not able to get NESN, and I get blacked out from games that I should not be blacked out. Hot Spot my ass.

Why does this come up today? Look at the schedule and the glaring best game in baseball today is the Mets vs. Diamonbacks which pits and 8-0 Brandon Webb versus Pedro Martinez, I just might enjoy watching that game if I could.

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Tuesday Night Results

This Week

Win - Loss - 11 - 4
RBI Machine - 2 for 15
Winning Pitcher - 9 f0r 15

Lock Selections

2-1 ..........The Rangers snuck it out with a Grand Slam
1 for 3...... Milwood got the Victory to give me my first correct lock pitcher
0 for 3...... Patty Burrell went 0 for 4

Season Stats

Win - Loss - 29 - 16
RBI Machine - 6 for 45
Winning Pitcher - 17 for 45

Weekly Recap

Solid weekly performance by myself, I even predicted a royals victory, who knew. Still can't get those RBI picks down only got Miguel Cabrera and Garrett Anderson right this week.

Seasons Best

Win - Loss 11-4 on 5/30
RBI Machine - 3 for 15 on 5/16
Winning Pitcher - 9 for 15 on 5/30

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Memorial Day Weekend QuickNotes

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


1) Thank you thank you thank you. Bonds hitting his 715th means espn won't cut into its programming and that other more important sporting events will lead Sportscenter episodes. There were two interesting things about the home run, first the fact that the radio announcers microphone went dead during the middle of the home run announcement. Was this the spite of Babe Ruth? The best part of #715 was that the guy who caught the ball was rewarded for getting more beer.

2) The Big Unit pitched really well yesterday. Is this him filling his one good start a month quota? I just do not get it you are confusing me either pitch well or pitch bad, don't get my hopes up and then get rocked for your first 4 starts in June.

NBA Playoffs

1) The Heat seemingly ran over the Pistons at home. How quickly until Wade's And One layup find its way onto a poster in every child in Miami's bedroom.

2) How about Ben Wallace going out and saying that Detroit doesn't practice defense enough and that's why they're defense is worse than it was last year. How about the fact you guys couldn't score at all in Miami? Extra offensive practice the issue there?

3) If the Heat collapse I think Shaq might kill someone.

4) The Suns desperately need Raja Bell, not necessarily because he is incredibly talented, more because they have a 7 man rotation with him, without him they are reaching for players on their bench who should not be playing.

5) Dallas is just plain better than Phoenix, if the Suns do in fact push it to game 7 like I predicted I will be shocked.

Weekend Humour

1) Ricky Williams has started practicing for the Toronto Argonauts. In addition to practice Ricky has decided to supplement his income by teaching Yoga lessons before Argonaut practices. Thank you Ricky for the stretching lessons.

2) As the Hot Summer Concert season rolls around only one thing is stealing headlines. Ron Artest is going to be an opening act for Young Jeezy and Mike Jones. Sign me up as a roadie.

3) The Marlins this weekend held a Jewish Heritage promotional game. In accordance they gave away Mike Jacobs shirts to people in attendence. This confused Jacobs as he is in fact not Jewish and when he asked the Marlins what was up they said that the two promotions were seperate. Yeah uh huh right. How about the fact you just assumed a man named Jacobs was Jewish. Thank you Marlins marketing staff for a good laugh.

4) Thank you New York Knicks for somehow always bringing me funny stories. This weekend, Stephon Marbury decided to say that he wanted to die a knick and want his ashes sprinkled on top of the Garden. Hopefully, a window washer will be employed that day and will quickly clean up the mess.

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Tuesday's Baseball Picks

White Sox vs. Cleveland Washington vs. Philly
Winner - Cleveland Winner - Philly
RBI Machine - Hafner ***RBI Machine - Burrell***
WP - Sabathia WP - Myers

Yanks vs. Tigers Brewers vs. Pirates
Winner - Yanks Winner - Brewers
RBI Machine - Sheffield RBI Machine - Jenkins
WP - Farnsworth WP - de la Rosa

D-Rays vs. Orioles Giants vs. Marlins
Winner - Orioles Winner - Marlins
RBI Machine - Mora RBI Machine - Cabrera
WP - Rodrigo Lopez WP - Moehler

Red Sox vs. Blue Jays DBacks vs. Mets
Winner - Blue Jays Winner - Mets
RBI Machine - Hillenbrand RBI Machine - Delgado
WP - Chacin WP - Soler

Mariners vs. Rangers Dodgers vs. Braves
***Winner - Texas*** Winner - Braves
RBI Machine - Teixera RBI Machine - Chipper
***WP - Millwood*** WP - Villareal

Twins vs. Angels Reds vs. Cubs
Winner - Angels Winner - Reds
RBI Machine - Garrett Anderson RBI Machine - Dunn
WP - DreamWeaver WP - Clausen

Royals vs. A's Astros vs. Cardinals
Winner - Royals Winner - Astros
RBI Machine - Dougie Minkowitz RBI Machine - Ensberg
WP - Bautista WP - Pettite

Rockies vs. Padres
Winner - Padres
RBI Machine - Mike Cameron
WP - Young

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Celtics NBA Draft Preview

Before I go over the who I think the Celtics should go after with their first round selection it is important to break down who is currently on their roster what their team strengths are and where their roster has potential for improvement.

Center - Assuming the Celtics let the Kandi man go, which is a certainty unless the Kandi man serves Danny up to a similar hookah treatment which landed Scalabrine a $15 million dollar contract, the Celtics go into next season short on a true Center. The Pansy Man Raef Lafrentz and his horribly overpriced contract are still on the roster but he's a straight jump shooter. In addition the Celtics will slot over the young guys Perkins and Jefferson at the center position even though they are both undersized. However, the need of an for a true center is not that important though as the center has become a diminished position in the NBA.

Power Forward - This is the Celtics position with the most potential growth. Big Al has shown flashes of a dominant post game with a flair for grabbing the Offensive Board, he simply can not stay healthy however. Kendrick Perkins has given Celtic fans glimpses of a Charles Oakley esque defender and rebounder. And Gomes came from bench relegation to have a stellar second half. The Celtics have options at the power forward position and if they draft a power forward expect one of these youthful talents to be traded soon after. Oh and you can't forget about Scalabrine the Great. I wish the NBA had a +/- statistic similar to the NHLs, I'm positive Scalabrine would be Top 10 worst in the league.

Small Forward - It's Wally's world and maybe the Celtics will be happy to be in it. We'll see, hopefully Wally can become Robin to Paul's Batman. In addition expect Gerald Green to get some more playing time. Hopefully this offseason he will learn to dribble and shoot a jump shot. But man he sure has that dunking down.

Shooting Guard - Pauly P is coming off his best season statistically, hopefully he can follow it up this coming season with similar numbers and leadership. Tony Allen after a solid rookie season where he showned signs of being a shutdown defender, disappeared last season. Hopefully Tony will be able to regain his 04/05 form and make some solid contributions to the squad.

Point Guard - Delonte improved by leaps and bounds in his second season. However, he still has moments where it appears as if he would be better suited working off the ball. And Oriene Green is not a viable solution.

Danny's Past Drafts

If there is one thing that Celtic Fans should be pleased with Danny about, its his drafting success. The Celtics have gotten both high school high potential players in Big Al, Perk and Gerald Green as well as solid late round steals with Delonte and Ryan Gomes. The Celtics draft is a far cry from the days of Ron Mercer and Joe Forte.

1st Pick Targets

1) Brandon Roy - I love college stars who have shown a combination of athleticism and leadership. Roy led a not overly talented Husky team to a last second shot away from the Elite 8. Roy would be an excellent selection if he manages to fall to the 7th pick.

2) Marcus Williams - This is who I think will be on the board and makes the most sense for the Celtics. Living in Connecticut, I get the opportunity to watch a lot of UConn games throughout the season. Williams was the glue that held that team together. Williams was their goto guy in the clutch. While everyone in the UConn lineup with the exception of Rashard Anderson shyed away from pressure, Williams thrived in it. He never missed a foul shot down the stretch and always found his way into the paint. Williams does have some weaknesses, he is not the quickest or most athletic player in the draft and he did make several dumb passes throughout the season but he is definately is the best pure point guard in this draft and the Celtics need that. Plus he'll enter the league as its all time leader in thefts.

3) Randy Foye - Foye is a warrior. At Nova forced to guard the opposing teams power forward, Foye battled every game. The only issue with Foye is how will he transition to the point, can he do it, or will he just be a smaller tougher version of Delonte.

4) Jordan Farmar - Farmar would be a reach with this pick, but in the tourny he showed the ability to hit big shots make good passes and play solid defense.

2nd Round Possibilities (The Cs currently don't have a 2nd round pick but if they did)

1) Rashard Anderson - He will be the steal of this draft. He hit the most big shots in Uconn history. He is a fearless and deadly shooter from behind the arc. His shot in the tourny agaisnt Washington was simply amazing. He was colleges version of Big Shot Rob.

2) Allen Ray - Foye's teamate suffers from a similar question mark, can he transition to the point. It may be tough but I think Foye is similar to John Starks, in that he can go out there and knock 8 3s in a row or miss 10 in a row. When he's hot he does not miss.

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Friday's Rebus

Friday, May 26, 2006

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Yankee vs. Red Sox Series Summary

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Overall Series Thoughts

Winning two out of three for the Yankees was huge. The Yankees went into the series banged up with unfavorable pitching matchups. And after getting crushed in the opening game to come out with the last two games was stellar. And now they have a series with the Royals where they should be able to keep the momentum going.

Wily Mo Pena
Hey Wily Mo, on a passed ball with 2 outs down by 2 runs it is alright to score, apparently you didn't know this but consider yourself now informed. When you are given a free run you should take it.
Melky Cabrera
No Way Melky had 4 rbis yesterday this is amazing. Amazing. I still am petrified whenever a ball gets hit to him, he just looks so awkward in his approach, even though he did make one stellar catch yesterday.
Jaret Wright
Hey Jaret, nice going you have now fully jumped past Pavano in the my signing wasn't as bad as yours competition. And Randy is fastly approaching on your radar.
Randy Johnson
Speaking of Randy, did he seriously say that he just made one bad pitch to Youkilis, one ugly man. What are you smoking Randy, you gave up 9 hits and 5 runs in 5 innings. That's a lot more than 1 bad pitch.
Al Leiter
He's announcing games as a color commentator on YES. I can not stand him, yesterday he gave Randy a B+ as a final grade because he got the win and struck out a bunch of batters. Al you are an idiot.
Tim Wakefield
The Yankees hit Wakefield for a change thats nice. He also walked the park. It is amazing how being able to catch a knuckleball, even though he struggled with it on tuesday, give Mirabelli a weekly job even though he couldn't hit a beach ball if it was thrown in at 50 mph.

David Ortiz

Who knew this man could actually be shut down by the yankees? It didn't seem possible. But it happened, Ortiz looked out of sorts and took many awkward looking swings. His poor series was cemented with a clutch strikeout thrown by Farnsworth with the bases loaded in the 8th yesterday.

Alex "The Whipping Boy" Rodriguez

It is funny how people bash Arod because he hits homeruns. If you live around the New York area and get to listen to 1050 Espn Radio or the Fan, than on monday you were subject to a hell of a lot of callers yelping about how his home run was useless. Not to mention the back page headlines which read Thanks for Nothing. Talk about not being able to win. If he struck out no one would have said anything.

I also give myself the credit for Arod's homer on tuesday. Up 4-1 I told my sis that Arod was going to homer and that I would consider it clutch. Apparently he didn't know he was going to hit it, but I did. And it was clutch. And Dougy Mirabelli saying that it's ridiculous to think that he didn't know he hit a bomb. Doug lets think about that for a second, Arod is crushed in the press everyday, he just hit a big homerun and made himself look like a fool, why would he do this. In addition how does you looking up like you hit a pop up embarrass the pitcher. Shut Up Doug.

Manny Ramirez
Alright, usually I don't have an issue with Manny, and this really isn't an issue with Manny more with the Yankees. Manny is a clown, he works hard is one of the best hitters of all time but he's a clown. When he stared that ball down the other day he basically just emphasized the fact that he is a beast and there was nothing the Yankees could do. This was very very true, he crushed the ball all series.
My problem lies with the Yankees and especially Scott Proctor. The Yankees brushed Manny off the plate twice yesterday. In the first when Randy threw up and kind of tight which was followed by Manny hitting a bomb on the next pitch. And the Mariano brushing him off in the ninth. How can you Scott Proctor simply except the fact the Manny embarrassed you on tuesday night? Basically he hit a bomb stared at you, then at the ball and emphasized the fact that you suck. Does this not piss you off? Are you a man?
Yesterday up 3 runs with one out, Joe brought Scotty in to face Manny, and instead of brushing him back or preferably drilling him in the ear hole, he threw a fast ball belt high on the inner half that Manny hit to the moon. Unbelievable. Scott you got castrated this series. You bent over and took it.

Anyway I'm pleased with the final 2 out of 3 results.

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NL: Pointing the Finger

And the Finger shall be pointed at...

NL East

1. NY Mets - Carlos Delgado - The Mets are in first place for a lot of reasons. A major key to their success has been the seemless transition Carlos has made to playing in New York. Coming up with clutch hits consistantly while taking the pressure off of Carlos Beltran, Delgado has positioned the Mets to finally take away the the East title from the Braves.

2. Philadelphia Phillies - Aaron Rowand - Aaron has brought much needed toughness and intensity to the Phillies. Unfortunately for them they have been mediocre in the past two weeks since his injury.

3. Atlanta Braves - Chipper Jones - Chipper lands on the DL in early April the Braves struggle mightily. Chipper comes off the DL and the Braves are now chugging towards the Mets in the East. Never count out the stupid Brave Chop.

4. Washington Nationals - Chad Cordero - Last year through May Cordero had 13 saves, and that was before he blew up in June when he had 15, this year he only has 6. If Cordero isn't getting saves chance the Nats aren't winning.

5. Florida Marlins - Dontrelle Willis - One year after he should have won the Cy Young, the D-Train is 1-5 with a 5.12 ERA. Does the D-Train only function on odd years? So far it appears so.

NL Central

1. St. Louis Cardinals - Albert Pujols -You thought I was going to go with So Taguchi didn't you. Don't lie this one was a shocking selection.

2. Cincinatti Reds - Bronson Arroyo - Cornroyo traded in the off-season to the Reds for Wily Mo has been a shocker since his first start. On that day Arroyo got the win and clubbed a Home Run. He hasn't let up since and the Reds have somehow creeped their way into a potential playoff run.

3. Houston Astros - Lance Berkman - Lance has thrown the offense on his back and is on his way to a career season, now if only they could get a 40+ year old pitcher to come out of retirement. Then they'd certainly make a run at the wild card.

4. Milwaukee Brewers - Derrick Turnbow - He is one weird looking dude. But he's got 14 saves and has been slamming the door shut all season for the Brew Crew. Sitting a respectable one game over .500 they need their rotation to start pitching well and especially need Sheets to return from another trip to the DL.

5. Chicago Cubs - Mark Prior - So non-existant this year I even forgot to write about them.

6. Pittsburgh Pirates - Oliver Perez - A lot of people had high hopes he would return to his 2004 form, well that hasn't happened and the Pirates are the laughing stock of one of baseballs best divisions.

NL West

1. Arizona Diamondbacks - Brandon Webb - The boy is 7-0 for the first place Diamondbacks. If you are shocked that the Dbacks are where they are in the standings look no further than Webb. He's been the best pitcher in that division and perhaps the best in baseball.

2. L.A. Dodgers - J.D. Drew - J.D. is very quitely having a good season for the Dodgers who similarly are up there in the standings without making the noise. Check the standings today and ask yourself if you knew the Dodgers were 7 games over .500, I certainly didn't know. J.D. and the Dodgers are flying under the radar.

3. Colorodo Rockies - Brad Hawpe - Brad Hawpe like the Rockies is having a good season but the real question is does he or the Rockies have any staying power for this season or does their path to glory lie a few years in the future.

4. San Diego Padres - Chan Ho Park - Chan Ho has had some stellar starts and some starts where he's been rocked. He's been the model of inconsistancy and so have the Padres who have run of several long winning and losing streaks.

5. San Francisco Giants - Felipe Alou - Felipe is old and so is the Giants roster. I'm surprised they didn't sign Julio Franco in the offseason to bring in some much needed youth.

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AL: Pointing the Finger

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm making this simple. One person per squad and how they basically sum up how the season thus far has gone and why each team is located where they are in the standings.

AL East

1. Boston - John Papelbon - Papelbon is the reason the Red Sox are currently residing in first place. Coming into the season the bullpen was laden with question marks and Papelbon has put those to side and then some. The rook has given up one run this whole season and is leading the AL in saves.

2. Yankees - Kevin Reese - Who? Exactly. The Yankees have been so decimated thus far by injuries that Kevin Reese got some playing time and the Yankees have given us a Terrence Long sighting.

3. Blue Jays - Alex Rios - The Blue Jays are in the running in the AL East this season because of their beastly team hitting average. Rios is having a breakout season and is leading the American League in batting average.

4. Orioles - Rodrigo Lopez - The Orioles starting pitchers have struggled immensely and Rodrigo Lopez is the perfect example having not won since his opening day start. Is Leo Mazzone's magic wand broken or does its engine need time to warm up in the colder Baltimore.

5. Tampa Bay - Seth McClung - Pick anyone in their rotation other than my boy Kazmir. None of these pitchers are really any good so they're not underperforming. They just have zero pitching past Kazmir.

AL Central

1. Detroit - Justin Verlander - A young prospect has burst onto the scenes for the Tigers and has pitched incredibly well, even outdueling Johan Santana in a matchup last week. Detroit's pitching staff has been well better than expected and has resulted in their shocking best record in baseball thus far.

2. White Sox - Ken Williams - The GM did not settle for keeping the same squad from last years champions. Instead he went out and got Jim Thome, monster numbers so far, and Javier Vazquez who has pitched extraordinary for someone slotted as the fifth starter. The White Sox are a force to be dealt with.

3. Cleveland - Jhonny Peralta - Everyones sleeper central team has struggled out of the gate this season. Similarly Jhonny, with the mismatched h, has been in a season long slump, and the manager Wedge insists on continueing to bat him 3rd in front of their biggest weapon Hafner. If Jhonny doesn't start moving up his numbers the Indians aren't moving up the standings any time soon.

4. Minnesota - Kyle Lohse - The Twins struggled out of the gate because their starters were getting rocked. Whether it be Lohse or Silva or even Santana who wasn't up to his standards the Twins have struggled. Now they are going to rely on three rookies Baker, Liriano and personally favorite Boof Bonser to get them back in the hunt.

5. Kansas City - Dougy Minkowitz - Doug has spent most of the season batting third, need I say more on why the Royals are the worst team in baseball.

AL West

1. Texas Rangers - Vicente Padilla - Padilla is 4-3 with mediocre statistics but a winning record. That's pretty much what the Rangers are a decent team who just happens to find themselves one game over .500 and somehow in first in the division.

2. Oakland A's - Rich Harden - Rich was supposed to be the dominant anchor to this rotation and many "experts" chose him as the Cy Young winner of the season. But once again he has struggled with injuries and the A's have not been as dominant as hoped with their staff and lie in the .500 range.

3. Seattle Mariners - Adrian Beltre - Flip a coin between the overpaid Sexson and Beltre. Both have been terrible and so have the M's. Beltre wins out because just like the M's it is not that surprising that he isn't good.

4. Anaheim Angels - Garrett Anderson - The Angels can't score runs, and have been terrible in the month of May a time where Garrett has missed a lot of action and when he has been in there he is hitting below .200.

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Jaret Wright is one Baseball Magnet

Jaret Wright got off to a classic Yankee start last night. He gave up a line drive up the middle which hit him in his side and he somehow managed to hole on to the baseball. Since joining the Yankees Jaret Wright seemingly gets hit by every line drive hit up the middle. He even got hit by a broken bat last year.

So there are a few conclusions to be drawn:

1) He is a baseball magnet, a heart throb seen on all the teenie bopper for baseball magazines.

2) While walking towards the mound a rogue Yankee pats Jaret on the back and sticks on a "Please Hit Me Sign".

3) Jaret is an investor in the new Kevlar enhanced UnderArmour and is being used as the Guinea Pig tester and told to test out the material at least once per outing.

4) Envious of Carl Pavano, Jaret is doing his best to land on the DL without tearing any tendons or muscles in his body.

5) A Jaret hater, and owner of a magic time stopping device, Stephen King stops time after hit baseballs against Wright and redirects them towards Jaret's body and away from his glove.

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Tuesday Night Results

This Week

Win - Loss ............. 9-6
RBI Machine ......... 1 for 15
Winning Pitcher .... 3 for 15

Lock Selections

1-1 ........... Tigers Won
0 for 2 ..... Although Kenny Rogers Did not
0 for 2 ..... David Ortiz did nothing

Season Stats

Win - Loss ............. 18-12
RBI Machine ......... 4 for 30
Winning Pitcher .... 8 for 30

Weekly Recap

That was a very poor showing. 9-6 isn't that bad but RBI Machine only getting one right. And that one right was weaki at best with Vernon Wells having one RBI tied with everybody else in the game who only had one RBI. I expect to do better next week.

Seasons Best

Win - Loss ............ 9-6 on two dates
RBI Machine ........ 3 for 15 on 5/17
Winning Pitcher ... 5 for 15 on 5/17

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Round 2 Review & Conference Finals Preview

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Nets vs. Heat

Talk about the difference from one game to the next. After struggling to get past the Bulls the Heat limped into game one against the Nets and took the beating of the playoffs. The next day if you turned on the radio or watched tv everyone overreacted and said things along the lines of the Nets have too much quickness, Riley put this team together he's going to have to deal with the criticism of losing in round 2. Well chalk it up to not jumping to conclusions after the first inning. This series was similar to Randy Johnson outings of late, the Yanks jump out to a crushing lead look dominate and you think we have this, then next thing you know you are getting crushed in the next inning. Well the Nets died after game one.

Lebron vs. Pistons

The Pistons pulled off some serious sleep walking during the games in Cleveland and then Lebron couldnt pull out a miracle in game 7 when the Pistons decided to lock him down and no one in a Red Jersey could make a bucket. Lebron needs a sidekick that isn't a 7-foot balding white man with a afro beard.

Suns vs. Clippers

I went to sleep after the 1st quarter last night. I was glad when I woke up and found out that I didnt miss much, a 20 point win from the Suns. The Suns shot a ridiculous 15-27 from 3. Elton Brand was unstoppable all series including last night but it didn't matter. Can we please put to bed the Lebron and Kobe MVP talks? Nash is the MVP, in last nights game 7 Nash was 11-16 from the field including 4-5 from three and dished out 11 assists. Now that is point guard efficiency. With the weakest bench in the league, only a 7 man rotation, the Suns outlasted two teams in a 7 game series.

Mavericks vs. Spurs

This series was a showdown between two NBA stars playing at their best. Both Dirk and Timmy played out of their minds last night. One thing gets me with Duncan though, after every foul call he either starts yelping at the ref or gives one of those looks like he is about to cry, very annoying. The biggest moment of the game to me, other than the obvious Dirk 3 point play, was Keith Van Horn knocking down 2 clutch threes from the corner during the 3rd period when the Mavs absolutely could not stop the Spurs from scoring.

Conference Finals

Pistons vs. Heat

After both teams have shown signs of sleepwalking during games this playoffs, we now see if both teams can respond and show up for each game. The question of whether Shaq is done or not will be answered. The questions about the effectiveness of Pat Riley remolding the roster with past all stars along with his decision to retake the bench will also be answer. The keys of this series lie with whether the Pistons can get away without doubling Shaq, which I find highly doubtful. And then when he is doubled will Antoine or Posey or Jwill knock down open jumpers. In the end I'm going to go with the last hurrah for Shaq and the best player on the court Dwade. I just didn't like what I saw from the Pistons against a poor squad in Cleveland. The defense just doesn't appear to be there and I expect the Heat to jump on the Pistons tonight after Shaq's weeklong rest and get off to the right foot and take it from there.

Miami in 6

Mavs vs. Suns

A battle between the NBAs two white superstars, who knew. The Suns definately lucked out by drawing the Mavericks. The Mavs can match their running and gunning, but do not possess as good perimeter shooting as do the Suns. Had the Suns landed the Spurs they would have had zero answer for Tim Duncan and a bigger tougher team. Now drawing the Mavs they have a chance. They usually play the Mavericks tough. I fully expect this series to go the distance and am very very thankful that none of these games will being at 10:30. I think this will be an entertaining series and in the end I believe that homecourt and another solid game 7 outing will be enough to shoot Mark Cuban into the NBA Finals.

Mavs in 7

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Tuesday Baseball Picks

Yanks vs. Sox                   Cubs vs. Marlins
Winner - Sox Winner - Cubs
RBI Machine - ***Ortiz*** RBI Machine - Barrett
WP - Wakefield WP - Wood

Rays vs. Jays Astros vs. Nats
Winner - Jays Winner - Nats
RBI Machine - Wells RBI Machine - Nicky Johnson
WP - Halladay WP - Eischen

A's vs. White Sox Brewers vs. Reds
Winner - White Sox Winner - Reds
RBI Machine - Konerko RBI Machine - Dunn
WP - Vazquez WP - Coffey

Angels vs. Rangers Phillies vs. Mets
Winner - Rangers Winner - Phillies
RBI Machine - Blaylock RBI Machine - Howard
WP - Padilla WP - Ryan Madson

Indians vs. Twins Pirates vs. Dbacks
Winner - Twins Winner - Arizona
RBI Machine - Mauer RBI Machine - Tracy
WP - Santana WP - Valverde

Tigers vs. Royals Braves vs. Padres
Winner - ***Tigers*** Winner - Padres
RBI Machine - I-Rod RBI Machine - Giles
WP - ***Kenny Rogers*** WP - Linebrink

Orioles vs. M's Rockies vs. Dodgers
Winner - M's Winner - Dodgers
RBI Machine - Sexson RBI Machine - Jeff Kent
WP - Piniero WP - Penny

Cards vs. Giants
Winner - Giants
RBI Machine - Feliz
WP - Morris

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Baseball QuickNotes

Monday, May 22, 2006

Subway Series Notes

1) Watching this series its blatantly obvious that neither are especially good right now.

The Mets issues: While Victor Zambrano, my favorite punching bag, and Scott Bannister weren't exactly the most attractive options at the back end of their rotation the other options might as well pitch on a beer league softball team. Jose "Is Lima Time" and Jeramy Gonzalez are a guarantee for 6 runs per start. They finally gave up on Lima Time and brought up some kid who started the season in A Ball. Lets face it if the Mets suffer an injury from injury prone pitchers Trachsel they are in deep trouble. Now if old men rivers Pedro or Glavine go down well the offense better read the Sammy Sosa how to books and starting suckin down juice, I mean B12 shots, and throwing some SuperBalls in the inside of their bats, because they're going to need to drop 12 a game.

The Yanks issues: I thought MASH went off the air 20 years ago. Apparently the Yankees want to revive the celebrated series. Half of their opening day lineup finds itself on the injured list. Their lineup was supposed to be the strength of the squad and supposed to make up for a weak starting rotation, if everyone from Bubba Crosby down the line is hurt, and Melky has to continue to pain me with his outfield presence then they are not going to look so hot. As for the starting rotation, Johnson is just a giant buzz kill, friday was the second time this season where the Yanks jumped out of the gate to a big lead and then Johnson immediately surrendered the lead (Other being against the Jays when Glaus hit moonshots). The Yankees need their lineup to get healthy to outscore their opponents in order to get to the playoffs this year, thats the bottom line.

2) Enough on bashing Willy for bringing in Wagner on saturday. Willy knows how much these games mean to Mets fans. They hate the fact that they are always overshadowed and they would have loved nothing more than to gain the sweep. 4-0 Willie just wanted to bring in his closer and start nailing in the coffin door. If Wagner can't get up for non save situations than he is not professional enough. Their is little difference between a 4-0 and 3-0 lead. Go out their against the cross town rivals throw strikes and finish the game. This was Wagners loss, don't blame Willy.

3) I'm not even angry anymore when A-Rod hits into double plays in clutch situations late in the game. I just sit their kind of expecting it and then sit disappointed as it happens.

Simon on BONDS

1) Big number 714 off the former Yankee great Brad Halsey. You going to watch Bonds on Bonds tomorrow, I know I won't. Anyway one more home run and hopefully he won't be headlining any more Sportscenter episodes.

2) The kid that caught the ball when interviewed said that he hated Bonds, atleast Barry can have solice in the fact that the kid is a certified dork. If you are in college you do not bring your glove to the game.

Yanks vs. Sox

1) The Yankees with old yeller, take me behind the shed and end it please, Randy have no favorable pitching matchups in this series. As a Yankee fan I hope they get out of Fenway with a win, sweeps are always painful.

2) Please watch this classic Red Sox video. Do you think the person that made this is an avid Met fan or Red Sox hater? Either way it should dull the enjoyment of a Red Sox series victory.

Other Baseball Notes

1) I have a huge Man Crush on Scott Kazmir, I thought he was nasty the first time I saw him pitch against the sox I thought he was nasty the first time I heard his high school statistics (most ludicrous K/IP ratio ever). Now the kid is a certifiable stud. If he stays healthy and does not pull a Rick Ankiel, the Victor Zambrano for Kazmir deal will go down as one of the worst trades of all time. Imagine the Mets with Kazmir in the rotation this season. Wow.

2) The Angels are terrible. This makes me happy as they are the bane of the Yanks existence. However the Yanks need the Medical Unit to perform in order to not join them on the golf course come October.

3) Why is everyone in the NL West over .500? Last year if you finished .500 you almost won the division. Odd, considering none of these teams vastly improved their rosters.

Non Baseball Quick Notes

1) The hint that a sport isn't that big anymore, you here 10 times more about the injured than the winner. Barbaro 23 pins in his leg, and if he overcomes it he gets to sleep around for the rest of his life. Could you imagine a movie spin-off based on this? Say Paul Pierce getting stabbed several times and if he makes it off life support he gets to retire and go off to spawn for a living. Could be a cult classic.

2) The NBA playoff schedule once again does me wrong. I have 22 vested hours in 24. You think I'm going to miss the last 2. You are insane Mr. Stern, clinically insane. In addition you are going against a Yanks vs. Sox series which will be broadcast on Espn. You couldnt have put the series finale of the Spurs head to head against Desperate Housewives could you, nope you had to put it against my favorite show and the best regular season baseball game of the year. I hate you David.

So TV Priorities and Evening Plans

7:05 - 8 Red Sox vs. Yanks
8 - 10 The Hours of Bauer
10 - 10:30 Mix of Spurs vs. Mavs and Bullshit on Showtime with Penn and Teller
10:30 - Sleep Suns vs. Clipshow

5 more hours til Bauer, I'm pumped.

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The Baseball Brawl Awards

If you watched any baseball this weekend you saw AJ Pierzynski run over Michael Barrett on a play at the plate. Michael Barrett was clearly in the wrong and deserved to get run over. If you do not have the ball do not get in the way of the runner, its a rule its called runner interference Michael. You deserved to get leveled. But what ensued was pure comedy. Pierzynski crawled back to the plate and emphatically slapped it, Pierzynski is definately a weird guy, basically a humurous scumbag. He then stood up and walked towards Barrett took a slide step to get around him to get at his helmet and then Barrett bear hugged him said something and threw a right hook. In addition yesterday Pierzynski hit a Home Run and upon arriving at the plate celebrated by doing the pitcher Carlos Zambrano's fist pump kiss point to the sky thing which I thought was trademarked by Sammy Sosa so maybe AJ will have a surprise royalty fee charge coming in the mail. But sometimes you have to watch and enjoy scumbag instigators like AJ, this was one of those times.

Here's the You Tube Video of the collision (I love You Tube): Barrett vs. AJ

So this made me think of some of my favorite baseball brawls of all time and hand out awards:

Biggest Instagator/Scumbag of the Times: Julian Tavarez of the Red Sox, this man seemingly gets into a fight every year. My favorite was the time he through his glove to the ground and waved the hitter on, classic moment. This spring he got into a fight in Spring Training, who said spring training wasn't great practice, Julian needed some prep work for any future bean ball stimulated brawl which should be happening in the coming months.

Worst Showing of Kung Fu by an Asian: Chan Ho Park, currently of the Padres at the time with the Dodgers. My buddy Smith, black belt to the 3rd degree (who knew there were 5 shades of black), will not be using the video of this jumping scissor kick for training purposes. Video in the ESPN Top 10 Link below.

Best Eye for an Eye: Torii Hunter, by the way is the extra i supposed to make you feel like Tori is a manly name, anyway when getting drilled by a pitch from Danys Baez, Torii picked up the ball walked a few steps and chucked a 90+ mph fastball right back at Danys knees. Classic Comedy. Can't find the video but here's a sum up game recap.

Best Fight Rivalry: Yankees v. Red Sox. Whether it be the 70s brawls between Piniella or Munson and Fisk, Arod vs. V-Tek, or Old Man Zimmer and the mighty Pedro. The Yanks Sox have done much to the history of baseball brawling.

Worst Decision by a Pitcher: Paul Wilson, then of the Reds decided it was a good idea to wave on an intimidating 6-4 240+ lbs beast of a man Kyle Farnsworth after Farnsworth threw at him. What ensued was a beat down of epic proportions. Farnsworth speared Wilson to the ground and proceeded to throw hooks leaving Paul Wilson battered and bloody.

Dumbest Batter of All Time: Gerald Williams, after being hit in a game against the Red Sox by Pedro Martinez Gerald contemplated for a second than charged the hill. Hey Gerald, Pedro had a perfect game I don't think he was throwing at you.

Biggest Beatdown by an Old Man: Nolan Ryan. He may have been old and have been pitching in the majors for as long as Robin Ventura was alive, but when Ventura charged the mound he was a victim of the Noogie Patrol's chief. Every bully in elementary schools around the world were proud of Nolan on that day.

Douchebag of All Douchebags: Ben Christensen. The college pitcher who wen his opponent was warming up in between innings, apparently timing his pitches, took it upon himself to teach him a lesson. Christensen unleashed his hardest fastball and drilled Evansville's Anthony Molina in the face which resulted in eye surgeries. Wow now thats evil.

Coolest Use of a Karate Kick: Izzy Alcontera, who on an inside fastball turned around kicked the catcher in the chest and then sprinted after the pitcher. This is my favorite baseball brawl of all time I love it.

ESPN's Top 10

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NBA Weekend Notes and Tonights Preview

NBA Weekend Quick Notes

1) The Cavs really aren't a good team. They didn't show up yesterday. Lebron showed up for the first half of the game dropped 21 and the rest of his team was a no show and a disgrace. It's pathetic.

2) The Cavs really had no chance to win yesterday. They needed to win game 6 and they just came up short. Yesterday they came out incredibly flat at the beginning of both halfs and that was it. If you do not score more than 30 points in the second half of an NBA basketball game you are not going to win.

3) My favorite moment of the basketball weekend was Michael Finley's dunk on the baseline against the Spurs. Not the dunk itself but the aftermath in which Finley emphatically headbutted the ball. I am proponent of headbutting in sporting events other than where it is prevalent.

Tonights QuickNotes

1) Tonight is the perfect test to how important homecourt is in NBA playoff series. The Clippers and the Mavericks have been the better teams in both of their series. The Clippers have dominated down low and threw away game 5 when Raja dropped in the triple from the corner sending te game to double OT. The Mavericks on the other hand beat down the Spurs from games 2-5 then just barely missed out on closing the series.

2) I'm taking the Clippers. I know homecourt will help the Suns. I know the extra days rest will help Nash. I know the Suns had a better record this season. And I know I will be cheering for the Suns to win (As long as I can stay awake for the whole game) but the Clippers have the mismatches. The Clippers have the crossbread alien fish who has the most experience out of any one on these respective teams. The Clippers have the reliable scoring and rebounding from Elton Brand. I hope I'm wrong but I just think the Clippers are the more well rounded team.

3) My philosophy of do not bet against the champs holds true tonight. I think this is much more of a close matchup than the other game though. I think Dallas is the more athletic more talented team. But are you willing to bet against Tim Duncan in a game 7 at home. What happened in last years game 7 in the finals? The Spurs dumptrucked the Pistons, while I do not expect that to happen I do expect the Spurs to pull out a squeeker. But I hope Dirk drops 40 and 15 and proves me wrong.

So to recap, the Cavs minus Lebron = 20th ranked NCAA team, headbutting is cool, bet on Clips and Spurs root for Mavs Suns. Well unless you actually do bet then you have to root for who you bet on.

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Todays NBA Thoughts

Friday, May 19, 2006

Here's something thats annoying about this particular blogging site, I wrote a big long thing went to publish it and then it went cant publish it and I lost it all, I'm not annoyed or bitter or anything. Anyway lets give a summary of what I was going for.

1) For some reason I really just havent gotten into this nba playoffs, whether it be the overly late games, the fact the Celtics are done, 24 is on and if I miss that Jack Bauer may kill me etc... And this is the best round the NBA has to offer this season.

2) I know I chirp on this a lot but would it have been that difficult for the NBA to push the Suns game up an hour last night. I'd imagine there east coast ratings with no prior game to hold viewers were terrible. I decided to go to bed after the 3rd assuming the Clips would win and I woke up and I was right, so i guess i didnt miss much.

3) Can the NBA please incorporate no contact into their name. That punch was so weak for Terry and did not deserve a suspension. Stop going by the book. If you can give more than one game for an action such as a punch you can give less. Period.

4) If the Cavs win is it more of an upset than George Mason beating Uconn? I think so. Not the upset of George Mason eventually getting to the final four but just the game versus the series. I thought the Cavs would get one game but I gave them no chance to get more than that. I'm shocked they at minumum forced a game 7 nevermind if they win the series.

5) If the Suns make the conference finals, are they the most flawed team to get that far in recent memory? They have no post offense, no post defense, poor rebounding and poor team defense. They can not come close to even containing Elton Brand nevermind stopping him. I do not understand why he does not get the ball in the post every possession, Tim Thomas is helpless down there.

6) Remember all the talk earlier this season about how the Pistons could go down as one of the best teams ever and that they might win over 70 games. Yeah that didnt happen and even if they win the title, they are not one of the all time greats. Sorry.

7) Tonight do you think Pat Riley will be wearing a Cleveland Sweater and one of those giant foam #1 Cavs Fingers? And for that matter you think he's hoping the Mavs win?

8) Mad Dog brought up a good point yesterday, put a gun to Davidson and Dumars head and who do they choose Larry Brown or Flip Saunders. Their going with Brown.

9) Lebron James is Bigger Stronger Faster. He is unreal. It has to be cool to be him on a basketball court.

10) How sick was Duncan's first half the other night? 11 for 11 28 points. I'm going to have to emulate that on sunday during our pick up game.

11) Tonights Predictions. I fully expect the Pistons and Spurs to win. I think the Terry loss is more significant then people think and Harris will now become less effective. And I just need to see the Cavs do it before I believe. Sorry. Im rooting for the Cavs and Mavs just don't think its going to happen tonight.

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Fridays Rebus

This weeks Rebus :

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Is Sam Cassell the Product of the Mating of a Fish and Alien?

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NYC Battle of the Rehab Assignment

Thursday, May 18, 2006

And the award for more pathetic rehab assignment by a New York City Baseball team goes to....

Brian Bannister who threw a whopping 5 pitches in a rehab assignment and came out due to tightness in his hamstring oooh that sounds rough. He narrowly defeated Carl Pavano who pitched a total of 9 pitches in the first inning and then left with forearm tightness.

Their replacements pitched today, in Lima and Wright, and both picked up the loss and have a combined record of 1-6, don't worry take your time.

Oh for those Yankee fans out there that want to have something to be annoyed about other than the fact that they lost today (Wright was on the hill don't act surprised) Pavano's last start last year was June 28th meaning he has missed almost 11 months of baseball without the need of a single surgery. No major reconstruction nothing. Way to go Brian nice pickup.

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Promise Last Soccer Stuff til the World Cup

I wholly enjoyed the Champions League final yesterday however I was disappointed with the result, I tend to root for any English squad in the champions League and it would have been a major upset if Arsenal who built a 1-0 lead after their goally was ejected and they played one man down could have held on.

Here are just a few points about the match that I thought while watching it:

Things That Soccer has that American Sports Do Not

1) Soccer has the greatest flow of any sport. There are no timeouts, there is no play stoppage between innings or the incredibly annoying commercial break between every punt kickoff score in football. No 45 minutes straight. Than a half time, then 45 more minutes straight.

Note: Listening to the radio I heard a person complaining about stoppage time (the extra time they put after the clock hits 45 and 90). Basically if you knew the game this wouldn't bother you. He said things along the lines what if in a football game the clock struck zero and then you just decided that USC should get the ball. Well the clock doesn't stop, so when players get hurt you don't want to penalize the fans or teams time on the clock.

2) This is the biggest Sporting Event in Europe, again other than the World Cup, yet with the exception of the of a little opening song and dance they treat it exactly as it is, a soccer match. There is no difference between the way the game is played or called. There are no longer commercial breaks, there are no commercial breaks. And this is what really appealed to me, half time was the normal halftime length. Not like the Superbowl where every year they run out some washed up old star, or stupid pop stars that you don't care about and you sit there forever waiting for the game to start back up. Nope 15 minutes and they are back on.

Things in Soccer similar to American Sports

1) Soccer has flow, but it still is a highlight driven sport. The stuff they can do is amazing and is very similar to a baseball game, sit there for awhile and you are eventually going to see something that makes you go wow. If you ever get the chance watch World Soccer Report, or something like that, on MSG on the weekends. Its a good watch.

2) Each team even though it has several World Class players usually has a star that the cameras will focus on. Yesterday it was France's Henry and Brazil's Ronaldinho. Both underperformed with Henry missing two to three glorious goal chances.

Things that Americans would have a hard time excepting

1) Red Cards - It's not the ejection portion of the red card, its the playing one man down for the rest of the game part. If you watched yesterday Arsenal's goaltender got a red card in the 20th minute. Meaning for 70+ minutes they played one man down. I understand getting kicked out, happens in every American sport, but that basically dropped it from a 50/50 game to 20/80 in favor of Barcelona. Seems a little steep to me for simply tripping a player.

2) The Flop/Acting - You see it in American sports now, mostly basketball. But its no where near as important a move as it is in soccer. Yesterday, Arsenal's forward blatantly flopped outside the box leading to a free kick and their only goal. Basically, it was incredibly cheap, and seeing people get stuff they don't necessarily deserve annoys Americans. (The Header for the Goal was phenomenal though)

3) Camaraderie - We like to see a little grudge at the end of the game. Sure the trading jerseys is cool for players collections. But we want to see a little more venom a little more anger a little more bitterness when you lose such an important game.

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Go Barry

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Quick Notes On last Nights Games

1) Yanks, um how did they score 14 runs with that trash lineup they put together last night. I played cards last night with the cousin so I didnt watch the game just kept on walking into the room and seeing the game was getting closer by the second. Guess I missed a good one. Too bad the walk off homer was against one of my closers. Oh well go Yanks.

2) When I got back from playing cards it was around 12:45 and the Suns third quarter was just ending. Ya that's right the 3rd quarter. Apparently it was a really really good game.

3) All 3 NJ Net fans are upset today. Poor guys.

4) How pissed off would you be if you became the fastest human being ever and then a day later someone told you "Whoops I wasnt supposed to round that way." Now he's only one of the fastest humans ever.

5) Is there anything cooler than plays at the plate in baseball? I really don't think so. Whether it be Jorge getting barrelled over or Patty Burrell barehanding a ball in the outfield and gunning out JJ Hardy (who sprained his ankle on the slide) at the plate. I love it.

7) I am making it official, I am rooting for Barry Bonds. The sooner he passes Ruth the better, I'm sick of Sportscenter tailoring every episode to Bonds.

8) Well that or a season ending injury would also be fabulous.

Evening picks

Spurs bounce back
So do Pistons

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Super Bowl is Today

Out of all of the annual events, meaning the World Cup and Olympics, do not count no event in the world is more watched than today's UEFA Champions League final. Having gone to London, home of one of the finalists Arsenal, and been hooked on any thing sports since I came out of the womb I have continually followed world Football, especially the Champions League and the English Premier League.

So here's a quick synapses of what today's match means for the typical uninformed American.

Every country in the world plays Football, even us Americans. So if you think the best athletes in the world play in the NBA or the NFL than think again. The talent pool that soccer teams around the world have an opportunity to pick and choose from is multiple times more than that of the NBA or NFL or any American based sport.

So picture this. There are multiple NFLs, one in Mexico, one in Canada, one in Brazil etc. All of equal skill level and you pit the best of the best against each other in one tournament. This is the UEFA Champions League, the best of the best from the best leagues in the world.

Here in America we are also overly concerned about parody in our sports. Nothing is good unless every team in every league has a chance to be succesful and a chance to win a title. So leagues put forward drafts and salary caps and luxury taxes and free agent restrictions to limit high spending teams and create balance. But in Europe oh no, there are no limitations the best of the best go out and get the best of the best. There is no Kobe Bryant with a sad supporting cast. Oh no in Europe Kobe would be surrounded with all all-stars. And teams from Cleveland and other cities that no one cares about would be terrible.

Today's game pits two teams from two of the best leagues in the world respectively, the Premiership and La Liga. It pits the best player in the world a Brazilian named Ronaldinho who can do imazing things with his feet and has turned FC Barcelona into one of the best teams in the world. Versus the best striker in the world, Frenchman Thierry Henry who has captained the North London side Arsenal FC to a surprising run in the champions league.

In case you missed it, last years final pitting Liverpool vs. AC Milan goes down as one of my favorite two sporting events of all of last year (The other being the Castillo v. Corrales fight). Liverpool down 3-0 and looking completely dead in the first half came out swinging scoring 3 goals in a short span in the 2nd half and eventually shocking Milan on penalty kicks and taking home their Fifth European Championship.

So basically I'm telling you if you watch any sporting event today or this week for that matter it should be this game. This game will show you why everyone else in the World loves Football. Why everyone else sees the sport as graceful and compelling?

For me, I have a work outing at 2:30 at a bar, which I will immediately go to the bartender and say can you put on ESPN 2 and I will enjoy myself for 2 hours. Man did I luck out.

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Tuesday Night Results

Win - Loss ........... 9-6
RBI Machine ....... 3 for 15
Winning Pitcher .. 5 for 15

Lock Selections

W - L ................... 0-1 ........... Thwarted by BK Kim and the Rockies
RBI Machine ....... 0 for 1 ....... Berkman didnt even play
Winning Pitcher .. 0 for 1 ....... Peavy Lost

So weeks wrap up not so bad batting .600, .200, and .333 respectively.

Apparently I need to rethink my locks for next week cause they certainly were not solid.

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Tuesday Night Baseball Picks

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'm going to do this every Tuesday to show my superior baseball knowledge and basically to track myself to see how I do during the season by simply picking every which teams are going to win the game. Pick the batter who ends up with the most RBIs in the game (Ties count as correct). Finally pick the winning pitcher. I'll also put *s around the biggest locks.

So my stats will be...

Wins - Losses - Winning Percentage
RBI Correct - RBI Correct %
Win Correct - Win Correct %

Red Sox vs. Orioles Cincy vs. Pittsburgh
Winner - Sox Winner - Cincy
RBI Machine - Wily Mo Pena RBI Machine - Austin Kearns
WP - Schilling WP - Harang

KC vs. Cleveland Florida vs. Atlanta
Winner - Cleveland Winner - Atlanta
RBI Machine - Travis Hafner RBI Machine - Chipper Jones
WP - Paul Byrd WP - Remlinger

Minnesota vs. Detroit Philly vs. Milwaukee
Winner - Detroit Winner - Milwaukee
RBI Machine - Craig Monroe RBI Machine - Prince Fielder
WP - Robertson WP - Capuano

Texas vs. Yankees Washington vs. Cubs
Winner - Yankees Winner - Cubbies
RBI Machine - Jeter RBI Machine - Aramis Ramirez
WP - Proctor WP - Zambrano

White Sox vs. Drays San Fran vs. Houston
Winner - Drays Winner - Astros
RBI Machine - Gomes RBI Machine - **** Berkman ****
WP - Kazmir WP - Lidge

Jays vs. Angels Mets vs. Cards
Winner - Jays Winner - Mets
RBI Machine - Glaus RBI Machine - Wright
WP - Speier WP - Glavine

Ms vs. As Dodgers vs. Rockies
Winner - Ms Winner - **** Dodgers ****
RBI Machine - Sexson RBI Machine - NOMAAAHH
WP - Felix Hernandez WP - Lowe

Padres vs. Zona
Winner - Padres
RBI Machine - Adrian Gonzalez
WP - **** Peavy ****

This will look better next week I promise.

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Not Mental Not Physical But...

Monday, May 15, 2006

After yesterday's dubious performance Randy Johnson said that his problems were neither mental nor physical. This leads me to contemplate what is causing the problems.

11) Simply Wants to Spite my Father - He has an over under of 4 more bad performances before my father throws something through the television set. He is working towards the under.

10) Briefcase Elbow - Due to the weight of his $16 million dollar a year he has developed a severe case of briefcase elbow resulting in the inability to snap on his slider.

9) Contract with the Devil is Up - God made him look like that, obviously the devil made him successful.

8) Barry Bonds - Like the rest of the world Randy Johnson is too focused on when Barry Bonds is going to hit #714 and can not concentrate.

7) The In-Comparison Effect - Looks around the Yankee clubhouse sees Jarret Wright and Carl Pavano and thinks to himself hell what do I need to work out for I'm definitely better than those two scrubs.

6) Fantasy Land - This week he was facing a team in his fantasy league with Randy Johnson on their roster. Thanks to his poor performance his squad Team Mullet defeated his opponent due to their abnormally poor ERA.

5) Met Isiah Thomas - Ran into Ike on the streets of NYC, and instantly turned into an overpaid underachiever. Isiah Thomas the antithesis of King Midas.

4) Revenge of the Dove - The ghost of the blown up dove has made its way to Yankee stadium and on every Johnson pitch pecks on the ball leading to the drop in velocity.

3) A Hero's Death - Fell into a depression when his hero Pedro Cerrano "Look at the Scoreboard Now Grasshopper" was assassinated in the first episode of 24.

2) Tripped on a Baseball - Randy Johnson's skills only developed after in incident in the late 80s where he was going back on a ball ended up tripping and causing some weird fusion of his tendons. However in spring training this season while going out to the mound he tripped on a baseball which broke the tendon fusion eliminating his 100 mph fast ball. Gardenhoser get in there.

1) Emotional Scars - It makes perfect sense, coming off being named the second unsexiest man on the planet in mid April. Since than the Big Unit has lost his libido and has slipped into depression which has lead to an inability to concentrate on the mound.

Or he's just old doesn't have the same velocity and can't locate his fastball or slider.

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Do trainwrecks make money?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Well apparently Dolan the owner of the Knicks thinks so, because I just heard that he might oust Larry Brown as the coach. Thats not that much of surprise considering none of the players on the roster fit with him. But who is gonna come in and mold these overpaid underachievers. None other than the GM himself, #11 Isiah Thomas.

I'm sorry but I really can't think of a funnier way to start my sunday morning. Thank You Jim Dolan, I hope that train wreck works out for you.

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More Rebus Clue Game

Friday, May 12, 2006

More Rebus Fun, you love it, I love it, everyone loves it.

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Yanks Sox Thoughts

1) Amazing the difference of one day to another. Matsui makes the same exact play one day and makes a spectacular catch and the next day he rolls over his wrist and breaks it and is out for 3 months. If you're a Yankee fan and are looking for a positive in this scenario, atleast we won't have to worry about his damn streak anymore. Or if for some reason you enjoy the adventures of Melky Cabrera in the outfield or Bubba at the plate well then thats something else you can look forward to. Not so good for a Yankee fan when the #1 story of a Yankee Red Sox series is losing one of their best players for a long time. Ouch.

2) The number 2 story is the Big Eunuch. Hey Randy throw a strike already. How many people are you going to fall behind? Granted good ole Arod and the Melkster didn't help you much out there on defense but still throw some strikes and get some outs please. He just has not had it these past few starts. His fastball is 5 mph slower on most pitches and his slider stays up in the zone too much and when it stays up in the zone it gets hammered. Randy get your act together please.

3) Was anyone other than me shocked yesterday when Ortiz had a bad day? He seems super human against the Yankees its unreal, and very very annoying. I chalk down hits everytime he gets to the plate.

4) I hate the shift they put on for Ortiz, oh I hate the shift, one day I'm gonna rant and rave about how its really isn't effective. Anyone David Ortiz on wednesday in his first four at bats got four pull hits, one through the shift, one out of the building and two that were hits because Cano wasn't playing his normal position. The shift is up there with left exits on highways.

5) Any talk radio analsyt that ever says what do you yankee fans want more from Arod, he puts up huge numbers every season. The answer is simple Yankee fans want Arod to hit like David Ortiz. Yankee fans want to have immense confidence that Arod is going to come up with a big hit. They want to go into a Red Sox series and expect Arod to go 8-14 in the series. They want Red Sox fans to fear him stepping up to the plate like I do of theBig Dominican. Its that simple we want Arod to dominate the Red Sox.

6) And if you want to talk about locks, does Wakefield ever pitch bad against the Yankees? He always seems to throw well against the Yankees. And then when he pitches when the bullpen comes in the Yankees lineup looks lost.

7) There are always games you play where you go home and think to yourself man I wish I didnt play today but look at Miguel Cairo's day. 4 for 4 on Ks. And dropped the tag on Jeter's throw that would have saved the Yankees from going down. I bet you he wish he got Men In Blacked so he had no recollection of the game.

8) I looked yesterday on and Scott Proctor had the best ERA in the major leagues. That's like Scalabrine leading the NBA in points per 48 minutes. Needless to say it took Proctor under a day to decrease that ERA. And he deserves zero faith.

9) Believe the Papelbon hype. This kid is good, he came in yesterday and dominated. The Red Sox have a keeper in this guy, hopefully his arm blows out in the near future.

10) There deifinately is something to look forward to. Tune into sports Radio these upcoming weeks. There are only so many things in this world which are funnier than when Yankee or Met fans call sports radio stations and suggest a trade. They are always classic. Most fans seemingly think that teams should just hand their players over to the Yankees. Just as good is when fans call in and suggest that the Yankees should just go out and get a player, without even contemplating who the Yankees would have to give up. So tune in and listen to fans try to reason how a Bubba Crosby straight up for Vernon Wells deal makes sense for both teams or how the Yankees should go out and get Ken Griffey Jr.

11) Did anybody other than me enjoy the Pavano sighting? Please don't blow out your arm again, there are only so many more Jarret Wright starts a sane human being can handle.

12) Dotel is starting to throw. This is spectacular news. If he comes back healthy, the Yanks have a stud 1 2 3 in the back end of the bullpen.

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The NBA Scheduling

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Nba playoff schedule for the past few years has both baffled me and annoyed me to no end. I mean I'm not in the best shape in the world (certainly not in terrible shape either), but I know for a fact that if asked to I could play 48 minutes of basketball every other day. Why then is it that hard for David Stern to schedule these games every other day? It's pretty logical, gets the series some buzz, and you always know when the games will be on. Certainly there must be some reason, there sure is, but its not one I that I can stand.

Remember the Spurs vs. Lakers series a few years ago where there were so many days in between games that the Lakers flew back from San Antonio to LA, so they could practice at Shaq's house during an off day. Now thats some free time. Well it's happenned again this year, well I'm not sure if the Mavericks plan on practicing at Dirks house, but they certainly have time. After the beatdown the Mavs laid on the Spurs last night they have a nice three day window to relax. In addition the Pistons and Cavs have the same chimpanzee made schedule. What could they possibly do in their 3 days off, hmm...Maybe they can run a marathon. Catch a Texas Ranger game, enjoy a nice team viewing of Brokeback mountain, maybe Lebron can cry himself to sleep for 72 hours. Maybe even catch two games of the Nets vs. Heat series. That's right the Nets and Heat as well as the Clips and Suns play tonight and then have the traditional one day off and play again on friday night. They only have a few hour plane flight in comparison to a few hour bus ride to get out of the way. So there has to be a reason right.

Yep, the NBA caves to Network demands. Apparently signing a contract with the NBA gives ABC and ESPN and TNT the right to choose when to play games and influence the playoff runs. Even David Stern came out and admitted he was wrong and that the Spurs got screwed in scheduling. Why did the Spurs play at noon central time after just finishing up their series 35 hours before? Oh simply because ABC wanted to play the classic matchup of the Pistons and Cavs in the 3 o'clock hour. And all they have to do apparently is tell the NBA this and it shall be done.

So ESPN in addition clicked their heels together and said, we want games 3, and it shall be done. I guess David Stern simply jumps up and down for the money.

More Thoughts on the NBA:

1) Speaking of David Stern, have you ever listened to an interview conducted with him. He is the most walk the line annoying I dont want to cross any player the wrong way man ever. Here's a sample: "David who do you think was the MVP this season?", "They all had great seasons." So, knowing that these questions lead to no answer Dan Patrick starts asking him about all the suspensions and then Stern starts saying that he doesn't know why Patrick isn't asking him questions about the matchups and the good NBA stories. It's bothering, if I don't hear another Stern interview in my lifetime, I won't be missing anything.

2) My sister laughed when I turned on the Pistons game last night, in between every Randy Johnson walk, and saw Ben Wallace and his fro. Really I think Afros are simple enjoyment for most all people I know. There's nothing cool about the cornrow look, but when Wallace buts out with his furry fro and headband look at home, its enjoyable.

3) The 7 game series are unnecesary. The first round was chalk, and would have been chalk if it was 5 games. There is no reason for 7 games, the disparity between the top seeds and bottom seeds are so large that there will rarely ever be an upset in a 7 game series, and upsets are always enjoyable. Who wants chalk? If you do you might as well just pick up video footage of a Woman's Basketball tournament.

4) I look pretty right so far on this Cavs Pistons series. The pistons are giving them a serious beatdown. Which leads the question of why ABC would want to show the Pistons game in the late supposedly better slot on this past sunday in favor of the Mavs Spurs? Was this assumption really anything big? The Pistons dominated the season series versus the Cavs., while the Mavs Spurs pits the 2nd and 3rd best records in the league against each other. Apparently the executives think that Lebron sells more than a good basketball game, maybe he does, if so I'm an idiot.

5) And so is David Stern, all he ever does is say that the NBA is to the point where there are so many great players and that the NBA markets all of its players. Stop lieing David, ABC picked that game because of Lebron, you know it, admit it. Superstars sell the NBA, sorry.

6) If you watch NBA film from the days of the Pistons of old in comparison to now, the fouls back then were much harder. Some of these NBA fouls that are getting called, for instance the game winner for the Pacers in game 1 against the Nets, if called on a playground or during a pickup up game would land you a look from everyone on the court that says man this dude cries more than Dick Vermeil. A hard foul is needed every now and then in every basketball game, or so I think, and practice.

7) Heat in a beatdown tonight. Without RJ the Nets just don't have enough ammo. Look for Antoine to have a big night.... that was sarcasm.

8) Suns squeek out another close one, this game will end sometime in between my first and second stages of REM sleep.

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Clue Game Rebus

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ok, so occasionally I'm going to do a little Clue Game Rebus instead of writing a passage, partly because I enjoy it partly cause, maybe I have a little brain freeze and don't have anything right now to rant on for a decent enough size.

Anyway if for some reason you aren't in the loop on what a Rebus is, it's a group of pictures that create a word or phrase.

In clue game rebus, there will be several different clues which lead to one answer.

So here it is:

If you want to increase the size right click and select save target as, then open and you should be able to zoom.

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The Best Job In the World

Monday, May 08, 2006

The best job in the world is out there on the table and to this point has yet to be accepted.

Here are the perks of the job:

1) A Hefty Multimillion dollar salary.
2) Work outside, in nice weather, or inside when the weather is either too hot or rainy.
3) Only work for 4 months of the year, possibly 5 for more money of course.
4) Only have to work once every five days, and only need to travel with your organization if the travel falls within your scheduled work day.
5) Have an opportunity to work with your son for the last month of your short work year.

Only one man in the world has been gifted this offer and that man is Roger Clemens. Just think about what your ideal working conditions would be. Think of why you may enjoy or dislike your job.

For every family oriented person, Clemens has that lined up. In September his son, a catcher in Astros organization, will be called up and Clemens will pitch to his son in atleast a few innings. How much did you enjoy when you were a kid setting up in the backyard and playing catch with your pops? Could you imagine that being part of your job?

For people that work in an office, how agonizing is it on a beautiful day to look outside and think to yourself wow, I'm stuck in here for 8 hours. I could be outside playing golf or going to the beach. Well, Roger doesn't have to worry about these great weather days he works outside.

For people that work outside, how miserable is it when it is raining on you and you are soaked and you have to work through it, or those blisteringly sunny days where the sweat drenches you all day long. Roger doesn't have to worry about that, Minute Maid Park has a retractable roof and nice AC to take care of that.

Oh and there's more. Every 5th day that's it. He works then he gets 4 days off. Sure he has to go to the stadium on those other days, but how many baseball fans out there would love to get that view everyday from the dugout. Dugout life is what makes baseball the game it is. Think of how much you enjoy your softball games, and how you enjoy going even if you're only going to be an Extra Hitter that day and not even play the field. This is what Clemens does, he works every fifth day, and hangs out with his buddies at the ball park on the others. In addition if the team travels, and he's not schedule to throw, ya he gets to stay home. I certainly would love clauses in my job where on certain occasions I wouldn't have to go to work at all because my other co-workers had to travel.

In addition Roger Clemens is being offered 4 million dollars a month. 4 million dollars just think about that for a second. Most people on this planet will never see 4 million dollars in their lives, Roger Clemens is going to make 4 million dollars for every six days he goes into work. Is that even fathomable for a normal run of the mill worker? What would you do with 4 million dollars? I have no idea what I would do. You certainly wouldn't have to worry about any of the debts you may have that weigh you down, and you certainly wouldn't have to think twice whether you could afford going out to the bar on a friday night, or that vacation you wanted.

Oh and speaking of vacation time. Roger has 7 months of vacation time, where all he has to do is go to the gym and work out. Forget that 2 week vacation time you are working with now, how about 7 months. Just think about what you could do with 7 months vacation time, and millions of dollars to spend. You certainly wouldn't have to worry about whether you should or shouldn't take a half day on a friday.

So Roger do us all a favor, sign the contract and get started in what is by far the best job on the planet.

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East Coast Vs. West Coast Bias

Friday, May 05, 2006

There's a huge reason this whole proclaimed East Coast bias exists and the reason is that in actuality there is a West Coast Bias. Especially for schmucks like myself that need to get up at 6:45 in the am in order to get to work on time.

Every fan has a natural tendency to gravitate to teams that are local and teams that they are fans of. Well why local teams, the reason is simple the more you watch a team the stronger your opinion gets. For instance watch the Knicks 4 or 5 times and you'll say they are the worst team in NBA history. But they just might not be worse than the Blazers this season. I can't put my foot down though for the simple fact I have not seen them enough.

Last night there were three NBA Games on, Nets vs. Pacers (On NBA TV, I dont get NBA TV, nor do I want to), Heat vs. Bulls (The game sucked), and Suns vs. Lakers. Anyone whose watched any NBA games this season and has seen the Suns play realizes that they are by far the most fun team in the NBA to watch. They don't run those horribly dull isolation plays where they feed the ball to their best players and the rest of the guys just spread out and essentially get out of the way, this play is the reason why many NBA games are unwatchable, see Celtics games during the Antoine, Paully era. In addition the Suns play uptempo run up and down the court shoot all the time no pause exciting basketball.

Soooo, what could there be to complain about you may ask? How about the fact that this game didn't even start til 10:45 eastern time? How about the fact the 2nd quarter didnt even end til after midnight? It really isnt worth it for me to kill myself watching the game til 1:30 and then feel like garbage the next morning. Would it really be that bad if they started the West coast games at say 9 eastern? I don't think thats pushing it.

How do you expect young kids to see any of these games? How do you not expect fans on the east coast who rarely get to watch the most exciting NBA team when the Sun is in the sky, to get excited about NBA playoff basketball. The Suns Lakers series is by far the best NBA 1st round series in years. It has displayed how a team like the Suns can overcome such a glaring lack of big men, that has made Kwame Brown look like more than just a serviceable center, and still compete and extend the series to the brink. Too bad I can't watch more than one half of any of the games.

And this certainly extends well past the NBA, World Series Games regardless of where they are played rarely end before midnight. So hey West Coast if you want to continue to complain about how your teams don't get any press and are never as hyped as the good ole boys on the east coast, start playing your games at a decent East coast hour. Else, stop whining about us hyping up teams we actually can watch and just enjoy the fact that you can watch all the games played the good ole US of A at an hour that won't deprive you of sleep.

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Michael Kay is a big baby

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Michael Kay on his damn talk radio show is a big baby. He personally thinks that you as a fan should not boo a player because it is not going to help him. He is currently making his point about the Mets fans booing Wagner after he blew a save against the Weakling Pirates last night.

Here are his points:
A) A player is given money based on his past performances and is not guaranteed to be succesful.

True, however it is 100% valid that this places more expectations on him to be succesful, therefore creating more understandable displeasure in the fan base when unsuccessful. In addition especially in the relievers case, the better players are going to be placed in the most important situation, thus there failures are more intense creating even more unrest. Do you think the Yankees plan on using Scott Proctor to close out games anytime soon? No, I didnt think so.

B) It is not the players fault that an organization gave him a ludicrous contract.

Partially true. The franchises need to live with their idiotic decisions, Jarrett Wright, Carl Pavano, however in many cases players eagerly seek out the highest bidder and dump their old franchise for more money, Johnny Damon. Therefore they eagerly are going into a situation where the money creates high expectations and are volunteering for both the positive and negative consiquences.

C) How is this going to help your team get better?

Who cares, booing a player is not about making your team better, booing is about as a fan voiceing your displeasure. It's like a parent who's kid comes home after getting into a fight, is the parent yelling at him to make him feel worse, no its a natural reaction when you are upset and disappointed. Again if your a player and you mess up, live with it, its not a big deal.

D) If all you want as a fan is for your team to win, and booing doesnt help, why do you do it?

Again Michael you are completely off base. Booing isn't to inspire your team to win or lose. It's voiceing displeasure. Does cheering A-Rod after every homerun really affect his play? If that was the case than no one would ever hit a home run on the road for fear of being booed by the away crowd.

So here's my final opinion, as an above average in bitterness human being, booing is fans being bitter that you are not meeting expectations thats it. If you do something well you are going to get cheered, if you do something really bad or you are consistantly bad you are going to get booed, you're men, you're getting paid millions of dollars get over it. And Michael Kay start treating it like that, if fans pay money and see failure they have a right to be upset.

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NFL DRAFT Thoughts Part Deaux


Denver Broncos - It always boggles my mind when a Super Bowl contender goes out and drafts someone that has little to no chance of impacting their next few seasons. Thus trading up for Cutler makes no sense to me. In addition I would never draft a QB from Vandy, I am not on Cutler's bandwagon and will never be on a Vandy bandwagon, being on that wagon is like when you decided to Calk and Float it in Oregon Trail and then halfway down the river the wagon sank and there goes 2 oxen and 74 pounds of food and now you're screwed. Its just a bad idea. They did slightly redeem themselves when the Packers gave away Javon Walker for a Granola Bar and a Diet Pepsi.

San Diego Super Chargers - Drafted a corner back that started one game in college in the first round... Hmm thats interesting, well he must be a combine warrior.

Oakland Raiders - Ya don't worry about it Matt Leinart wouldnt have been good for your franchise anyway.

KC Chiefs - The Great Lying Herm and his band of Chiefs, I hope he enjoys the kid from the Lion King that they drafted, Tamba.


Seattle Seahawks - Ya, I think Holmgren was convinced that they were playing against the officials during the draft. I expect a rally at Qwest stadium sometime this upcoming weekend to discuss his displeasure with the zebras.

San Francisco - 4.38 speed, 470 pound bench press, freak of nature Vernon Davis that they might as well call the Thing, because his physical skills defy logic. Too bad no one is going to be able to pass him the ball. And with the worst first pick of the 2005 draft the 49ers select Matt L.., Tagliabue whispering into the 49ers ear "Hey Leinart didn't come out this year cause he didnt want to play for you.", GM " Shit who's avalaible at QB then", "Some kid from Utah.", "Crap, I guess we'll take him."... " select Alex Smith.

St. Louis - Um, ya, does anyone, I mean anyone like the Rams now that the bob and we've is gone. Ya that's what I thought.

Arizona Cardinals - By far the luckiest draft of them all. Matt Leinart is perfect for them, Arizona is perfect for him. I don't care that he fell to ten when he would have been #1 last year. He would have been on the 49ers and that would have been agonizing for him. Now he's behind Kurt "Sold my Soul to the Devil" Warner for a few months and then when he's done, Leinart jumps into a high powered offense with Boldin, Fitz and Edge, which will instantaniously make him look good and make everyone that passed him up look like idiots. Congrats to Arizona for actually having a promising football team, too bad nobody down there in the desert cares.


Houston Texans - Hey Reggie Bush was still on the board, just in case you forgot. I'm sorry but when you have a college god on the board in comparison to a guy who played for a 6-5 team and didnt do much you go for the God. Well Done, Houston, I'm sure that was popular with your fan base.

Tennessee Titans - Norm Chow's world must be miserable now, there he was months ago when New Orleans signed Drew Brees and he must have been thinking to himself oh god yes, Leinart is still going to be on the board, this is the greateast day ever. And then come draft having his GM go ya I think Young has more upside we're gonna take him. Chow is now going to have to count the days until his offense sucks and he is fired... Unless LenDale is the savior he just might be, this situation is like when a kid goes into a candy store and sees one of those Giant rainbow lollypops, jumps up and down going I want that one mom I want that one, and instead your mom gets you a Dum Dum, and then 4 hours later gets you one jolly rancher hoping you forget that you could have gotten that giant glorious lollypop you really wanted.

Indy Colts - Just a reminder they still have Regular Season Peyton Manning on the squad so hello 2006 playoffs. Reminder they still have Post Season Peyton Manning on the squad good by Super Bowl XLI.

Jacksonville Jaguars - They left the draft with a Mercedes, and you know if you ever left anything with a Mercedes you would be psyched up. Wait, it was a Marcedes? Damn it I got ripped off.


Carolina Panthers - DeAngelo, makes sweet sandwiches and will be excellent for the Panthers, however if Quizno's was still on the board I'm sure that they would have gone in that direction.

Atlanta Falcons - Or shall I say the Virginia Tech Pro Squad. Jimmy Williams is a thug will always be a thug, and so are most of the falcons players. Over/Under on Jimmy Williams and an illegal possesions charge or DUI Week 9.

Tamp Bay Bucs - Well this certainly was a boring draft for you, first 2 picks were offensive lineman and did not have the as cool of names as did the Jets picks. Although Trueblood is a quality name.

New Orleans Saints - The Saints organization must have been doing Hoola-Hoops and listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks when Bush fell to them at 2. Hello Ticket and Jersey Sales. This is the best thing thats happened to New Orleans since the Chocolate City comments.

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