Breakin Down the Foreigners in the NBA

Friday, February 29, 2008

The 3rd of the Four Part Series Analyzing the Composition of the NBA. Check out part 1, the BCS Conferences, part 2, the High Schoolers and part 4 the Non-BCS Schools.

This list of Foreigners only includes those that did not attend college in the United States. Thus players like Steve Nash (Santa Clara), Darius Songaila (Wake Forest), Linas Kleiza (Mizzou), etc. will not be incorporated into this list. The only players to be included are the straight to the NBA players. For instance Yao Ming, Dirk Nowitzki, Manu Ginobli, etc. Players who were drafted out of their local pro leagues.

Eastern Europe (23)

Starting Roster: Marko Jaric, Peja Stojakovic, Hedo Turkoglu, Andrei Kirilenko, Mehmet Okur
Bench Players: Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Andris Biedrins, Beno Udrih, Bostjan Nachbar, Darko Milicic, Vladimir Radmanovic, Sasha Vujacic
Players Cut: Gordan Giricek, Nenad Krstic, Sasha Pavlovic, Zaza Pachulia, Rasho Nesterovic, Primoz Brezec, Kyrylo Fesenko, Oleksiy Pecherov, Marcin Gortat, Kosta Perovic, Viktor Khryapa

Roster Strength: 3-Balls, In their starting 5 alone they have 4 consistant 3 point threats. Than on the bench they come with two of the Lakers key 3-point threats in Radmanovic and Vujacic.
Roster Weakness: Point Guard, Marko Jaric has for the most part been a disappointment in the NBA and Beno Udrih while having his best season of his career this year has only averaged just over 2 assists per game in his NBA career.

Country Representation: Serbia (7), Slovenia (5), Turkey (2), Russia (2), Ukraine (2), Poland (1), Croatia (1), Georgia (1), Latvia (1), Lithuania (1),

Sum Up: Had Yugoslavia and the USSR not been broken there would have only been 4 countries represented. Yugoslavia (13), USSR (6), Turkey (2) and Poland (1).

Western Europe (15)

Starting Roster:Jose Calderon, Tony Parker, Boris Diaw, Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol
Bench Players: Andrea Bargnani, Mickael Pietrus, Jorge Garbajosa, Juan Carlos Navarro, Thabo Sefolosha, Johan Petro, Marco Belinelli
Players Cut: Mickael Gelabale, Sergio Rodriguez, Ian Mahinmi

Roster Strength: Point Guard Play, Jose Calderon has emerged as one of the best distributors in the NBA this year. His Assist to Turnover ratio is phenomenal. And of course Tony Parker has helped lead the Spurs to multiple championships.
Roster Weakness: Depth & 'Soft', The Western Europeans have a formidable starting 5, but in comparison to others they lack big time impact players coming off of the bench. Also, it appears that the 'soft' european monicker comes from the Western Europeans. Parker, Nowitzki, Diaw, Bargnani are all players that could be a lot more physical than they are.

Country Representation: France (6), Spain (6), Italy (2), Germany (1), Switzerland (1)

Sum Up: The French and Spanish leading the way with 6 is pretty surprising. All of the British basketball players seemingly head to the United States to play college ball and even high school ball before going to the NBA. See Luol Deng.

Non-Euros (15)

Starting Roster: Leandro Barbosa, Manu Ginobli, Andres Nocioni, Anderson Varejao, Yao Ming
Bench Players: Nene Hilario, Yi Jianlian, Walter Hermann, Luis Scola, Fabricia Oberto, Carlos Delfino, Marcus Vinicius
Players Cut: DJ Mbenga, Cheick Samb, Mouhamed Sene

Roster Strength: Point Guard Play, Barbosa is Phoenix's 'backup point guard' in name only. This squad really has no true point guard and could have trouble getting into their offensive sets.
Roster Weakness: Defense, The foreigners, especially the Argentinians, can play tremendous pressure defense. With Yao anchoring the middle and ball pressure all over the court it would be tough to put up a lot of points on this team.

Country Representation: Argentina (6), Brazil (4),Senegal (2), China (2), Congo (1)

Sum Up: Surprisingly there are only three players in the NBA right now from Africa that did not go to college in the US. Those three players are having little impact on the NBA.

Overall NBA Sum Up

Foreigners are impacting the NBA at an increasing level. The Raptors, Lakers and Spurs have built their teams using several important secondary options. Each team is now in a position to push for a conference title if not an NBA title with these key foreign contributors.

Total Straight to the NBA Foreigners: 53

Most Europeans: Toronto Raptors, Golden St. Warriors and Lakers with 4

Most South Americans: San Antonio Spurs with 2.

Most Foreigners: Toronto Raptors have 5.

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Weekly Waste of Oxygen

Who needs to take a dump in plain open site? Perhaps George Zell, NASCAR, or the Central Coast Mariners should travel to China.

1. China - If you plan on going to the Olympics there are plenty of things you will have to worry about. Of course there is the massive amount of pollution surrounding Beijing. In addition to having the black lung you will now have to deal with a lot of awkwardness if you plan on rocking any deuces. That is unless you are completely comfortable with squatting over a ditch in the middle of public. Cause if you enjoy that you'll be right at home.

2. NASCAR - Rain delays are always miserable no matter what sport you are at. No matter what you have to sit and wait around and there's always a good chance the game won't ever start again. For NASCAR this weekend they told the fans that the race was going to restart at midnight. And well it didn't but they didn't let the fans know that until midnight.

3. Central Coast Mariners - You just lost in your championship game, you are disappointed but happy about a relatively successful season. So you all decide to dress in ridiculous costumes to make yourselves feel better. So what costumes do you choose? Well the Black Face and Hitler of course. Nothing says party like Hitler.

4. George Zell - Wrigley field should be a historical landmark. I understand that naming rights for stadiums are becoming a huge source of income for professional sports teams, but Wrigley is a landmark. Wrigley is not the typical stadium. Wrigley's name should not be sold to the highest bidder. It should be named Wrigley. And that's it.

Get Your Vote On

Last Weeks Winner:
Jerome Mathis

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Friday Video Blowout

Everyone needs something to keep them occupied on Friday afternoons so the Friday Video Blowout was born. Spend your next few minutes, laughing, crying of laughter, pissing your self, whatever, but mostly wasting your companies time.

Videos In Order Courtesy of AA *2, Hot Clicks, Basketbawful, Deadspin, Ballhype, Grand National Champs, Bookie Man, ESPN, President Bush, JetsCentral

I thought he was gonna take it for a sec.

Wow a shocker the Duke mascot is a pussy.

She wants to Sex Mutombo.

Man that Zach Randolph is a premium talent.

Control that enthusiasm there Steph.

Perhaps you should just give the ball to the other team.

No fucking way he took Social Studies? Why aren't you running for president? And why aren't you mentioning how you were a White Running Back?

Even videos where people make fun of Duke piss me off.

It must have taken them a lot of effort to make Walton look like a hippy.

Pig Latin is actually his first language.

Thank the good lord there will be no more of that.

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You Look Like a Friggin Idiot

Thursday, February 28, 2008

So last night I watched the hilarious Seinfeld issue where David Putty paints his face for the Devils game. He then acts like a complete psycho and scares off the entire crew. Then Elaine tries to break up with him after calling him a Face Painter, which got me thinking. People should really not paint their faces when going to games. You Look absolutely ridiculous.

Oooohhh did you two do each others make up? That's so cute.

Are these Gator Fans the Sons of the Blue Man Group and the unknown Orange Man?

The Vertical Stripes really bring out the Double Chin.

And you would look just as ridiculous if you bought one of these dumb masks that makes you look like a face painter.

And then there are the people that take it all the way and paint their body and their face. Sometimes they even get some paint on the crotch of their shorts too.

You would think a kid going to Princeton would be smarter than this but alas they are as dumb as the general population.

More experienced players go with the Tiger outfit in addition to the face paint to go the extra mile in freaking out Tiger Woods.

And of course you have the clown that paints on a jersey and eye block like he's an actual player.

With all that being said and all that hate emitted, I am completely ok with the Painted on Jersey if you look like this.

Or Like This.

Or Even Like This.

Or Even a Cursed Cubs Fan

Thank You SI

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Breaking Down the High Schoolers Patrolling the NBA

The 2nd of the Four Part Series Analyzing the Composition of the NBA. Check out part 1, the BCS Conferences, part 3 and part 4 the Non-BCS Schools.

For the purpose of this High School discussion I wanted to break them up into theoretical teams. Since 33 players are currently playing in the NBA as High Schoolers, with a much higher percentage being Superstars than that of a college conference, I split them into two categories. Players from the Big 12, ACC, SEC portion of the US. And players from the Big East, Big 10, Pac 10 portion of the US. This actually split the two groups to 17 and 16 respectively.

East, North and West (17)

Starting Roster: Shaun Livingston, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Garnett, Tyson Chandler
Bench Players:DeShawn Stevenson, Eddy Curry, Al Harrington, Andrew Bynum, J.R. Smith, Sebastian Telfair, Martell Webster
Players Cut: Andray Blatche, Darius Miles, Robert Swift, Amir Johnson, Dorell Wright

Roster Strength: The Best Three Players in the NBA, Sure you can put Tim Duncan or Nash or a few others into the discussion but one could easily state that Kobe, Lebron and KG are the three best players in the NBA. And while there might be some argument or discussion after said statement there wouldn't be much.
Roster Weakness: Point Guard Play, Shaun Livingston is the Norths best point guard option, and he hasn't even come close to proving himself in the NBA. Plus he's knee went KABOOM last year. I even had to include Bassy on the team just so they had a backup point guard.

State Representation: California (5), Illinois (4), New Jersey (4), New York (1), Ohio (1), Pennsylvania (1), Washington (1)

South, Texas and Great Plains (16)

Starting Roster:Louis Williams, Tracy McGrady, Jermaine O'Neal, Amare Stoudemire, Dwight Howard
Bench Players:Al Jefferson, Travis Outlaw, Monta Ellis, Kendrick Perkins, Rashard Lewis, Josh Smith, Stephen Jackson
Players Cut: Kwame Brown, C.J. Miles, Gerald Green, DeSagana Diop

Roster Strength: Post Play, The High School South Boys have 4 absolute beasts in the paint. All can drop 20 and 10 with ease.
Roster Weakness: Point Guard Play, Just like the 'Northern' squad the Southerners don't have any big time point guards either. Chances are you've never heard of Louis Williams. Probably cause he's on the Sixers and they blow.

State Representation: Texas (4), Virginia (3), Georgia (3), Mississippi (2), Florida (1), North Carolina (1), South Carolina (1), Missouri (1)

Sum Up

For the most part these High School phenoms have that have remained in the NBA have turned into studs. They come from all over the country but mostly heavily populated areas. The one thing High Schoolers haven't give the NBA is the next great point guard.

Overall 23 teams in the NBA have a High Schooler on their roster with Portland and Golden State leading the way with three a piece.

Portland: Darius Miles, Martell Webster, Travis Outlaw
Golden St.: Al Harrington, Monta Ellis, Stephen Jackson

Note: All Player's Location Determined by the Prep School they Attended not by Birth Place

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Which BCS Conference Dominates the NBA?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Unlike the NFL ones this will be a Four Part Series. BCS Conferences, High Schoolers, the Non-BCS Schools and Foreigners. Rosters used were taken in early February from so there will be some mild inaccuracies. Today we break down the BCS Conferences.

The Conferences are listed in order of total number of players in the NBA. Then analyzed with their theoretical NBA roster created using these active players, the current NBA Team with the most players from the conference, which school has the most representatives, and the total number of schools with representatives. Here goes.

ACC (56)

Conference Starting 5: Chris Paul, Vince Carter, Josh Howard, Chris Bosh, Tim Duncan
Bench: Rasheed Wallace, Elton Brand, Shane Battier, Luol Deng, Grant Hill, Carlos Boozer, Sam Cassell

Roster Strength: Point Guard and Post Play, The ACC has one of the best point guards in the NBA and they run 5 deep in terrific big men. The ACC would be a very well rounded team.
Roster Weakness: Too Many Dukies, Really this team would be pretty damn good. Other than having too many annoying Duke players the one thing that could be of worry would be three point shooting.

NBA Leader, LA Clippers (5): Elton Brand, Corey Maggette, Sam Cassell, Al Thornton, Josh Powell

Conference Leader, Duke (13): Shelden Williams, Luol Deng, Chris Duhon, Shane Battier, Mike Dunleavy, Elton Brand, Corey Maggette, J.J. Redick, Shavlik Randolph, Grant Hill, Josh McRoberts, Dahntay Jones, Carlos Boozer

Total Team Representatives (11): No Hokies. Which isn't surprisingly because they used to be in the basement of the Big East.

Big East (53)

Conference Starting 5: Allen Iverson, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Ron Artest, Emeka Okafor
Bench: Ray Allen, Richard Hamilton, Rudy Gay, Ben Gordon, Kenyon Martin, Caron Butler, Marcus Williams

Roster Strength: Perimeter Scoring, the Big East has a lot of jump shooters. Other than that their roster would be very very limited.
Roster Weakness: Point Guard and Post Play, Surprisingly the Big East is very very weak with point guard representatives. I included Marcus Williams on the roster simply so they would have an actual point guard. The options were very very ugly. Additionally the Big East which once gave the NBA Ewing, Mutombo and Morning, now have no dominant post players in the NBA.

NBA Leader, Denver Nuggets (5): Kenyon Martin, Steven Hunter, Allen Iverson, Chucky Atkins, Carmelo Anthony

Conference Leader, UConn (13): Ray Allen, Emeka Okafor, Ben Gordon, Donyell Marshall, Richard Hamilton, Rudy Gay, Charlie Villanueva, Jake Voskuhl, Josh Boone, Marcus Williams, Hilton Armstrong, Kevin Ollie, Caron Butler

Total Team Representatives (15): The lone team not represented is West Virginia.

Pac 10 (44)

Conference Starting 5: Baron Davis, Brandon Roy, Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye, Dan Gadzuric
Bench: Jason Kidd, Mike Bibby, Jason Terry, Andre Iguodala, Gilbert Arenas, Shareef Abdur Rahim, Ike Diogu

Roster Strength: Point Guard Play, The Pac 10 runs 5 deep with all star point guards. Bibby, Davis and Terry are also versatile enough to play shooting guard if need be.
Roster Weakness: Rebounding and Big Men, The Pac 10 has zero dominant Big Men in the NBA. Not a single one is even particularly good. I had to reach for the starting Big Men nevermind the bench guys.

NBA Leader, Boston Celtics (4): Eddie House, Leon Powe, Gabe Pruitt, Brian Scalabrine

Conference Leader, UCLA (10): Ryan Hollins, Arron Afflalo, Matt Barnes, Baron Davis, Trevor Ariza, Jordan Farmar, Dan Gadzuric, Earl Watson, Jason Kapono, Darrick Martin

Total Team Representatives (9): The lone team without a representative is Wazzu.

SEC (39)

Conference Starting 5: Joe Johnson, Mike Miller, Gerald Wallace, Al Horford, Shaq
Bench: Tayshaun Prince, David Lee, Rajon Rondo, Mo Williams, Udonis Haslem, Antonio McDyess, Erick Dampier

Roster Strength: Rebounding, Everyone in the starting 5 and a bunch of bench players are solid rebounders in the NBA. Additionally the roster consists of a lot of size.
Roster Weakness: Point Guard, Joe Johnson never really worked out as a point guard but I've slotted him in here because the SEC does not have a stellar point guard representative.

NBA Leader, Charlotte Bobcats (4): Jermareo Davidson, Gerald Wallace, Derek Anderson, Nazr Mohammed

Conference Leader, Florida & Kentucky (10):

UF: Al Horford, Joakim Noah, Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem, Jason Williams, Corey Brewer, Chris Richard, David Lee, Taurean Green, Matt Bonner
UK: Rajon Rondo, Derek Anderson, Nazr Mohammed, Tayshaun Prince, Kelenna Azubuike, Chuck Hayes, Antoine Walker, Jamaal Magloire, Randolph Morris, Keith Bogans

Total Team Representatives (10): No Ole Miss or Vandy.

Big 10 (36)

Conference Starting 5: Deron Williams, Michael Redd, Michael Finley, Zach Randolph, Greg Oden
Bench: Devin Harris, Jason Richardson, Chris Webber, Jamal Crawford, Joel Przybilla, Brad Miller, Ricky Davis

Roster Strength: Well Rounded Scoring, The Big 10 has perimeter scoring on both the bench and in the starting line up. Additionally with Randolph and Oden and to a certain extent Brad Miller and C Webb they have a solid amount of post scoring as well.
Roster Weakness: Superstar, The Big 10 lacks a super elite NBA player. Deron, and Redd are clutch shooters but against the best of the best you could certainly find better options.

NBA Leader, New York Knicks (3): Jamal Crawford, Zach Randolph, Jared Jeffries

Conference Leader, Michigan St. (8): Jason Richardson, Shannon Brown, Eric Snow, Maurice Ager, Paul Davis, Charlie Bell, Morris Peterson, Zach Randolph

Total Team Representatives (10): Northwestern is the only squad without an NBA player.

Big 12 (34)

Conference Starting 5: Chauncey Billups, Paul Pierce, Kevin Durant, Drew Gooden, LaMarcus Aldridge
Bench: Kirk Hinrich, Nick Collison, Linas Kleiza, Daniel Gibson, Desmond Mason, T.J. Ford, Eduardo Najera

Roster Strength: Big Shots, Down the stretch of a game Chauncey, Pierce, and Durant are all their teams #1 options. Two of those teams are dominating the NBA. In a Big spot the Big 12 would have big time clutch shooters.
Roster Weakness: Rebounding, The Big 12 doesn't have any real beef in the paint. Gooden, Aldridge and Collison pull down some boards, but against elite competition they would most likely struggle to board.

NBA Leader, Indiana Pacers (4): Stephen Graham, Jamaal Tinsley, David Harrison, Kareem Rush

Conference Leader, Kansas (8): Paul Pierce, Scot Pollard, Kirk Hinrich, Drew Gooden, Julian Wright, Raef LaFrentz, Jacque Vaughn, Nick Collison

Total Team Representatives (11): Kansas St. was the only squad without a player in the NBA. That'll last only a few more months.

More: Check Out the High Schoolers and Foreigner Break Down of the NBA.

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Hooray No Hands Got Cut

Glorious day. The Jets have finally rid themselves of Justin No Hands McCareins. McCareins was just another reminder of how stupid the old administration was. They traded a 2nd round pick for a wideout who could not catch. This season alone he single handedly botched both the Ravens game and sucked it up big time in a competitive game with the Pats.

Too bad the new administration is to stupid to realize that Jonathan Vilma is an absolute beast and that somehow some way there should be a way to utilize his talents. Instead they're going to trade him away. Solid... I'll probably have more venting on this in the near future.

But for right now it's celebration time.

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Who Needs an Offense Anyway

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The San Francisco Giants have had enough of BALCO and steroids and have understandably not brought back Barry Bonds. The problem? What's left of their offense is the shittiest in the league. The Giants are a collection of veterans on the downward side of their career. If they do not finish last in the NL in run production I will be surprised. If they do not finish amongst the last few teams in run production I will be shocked.

So let's take a look at their putrid starting lineup. All players ranked in order according to their VORP, which stands for Value Over Replacement Player. I'm not going to go over exactly how it's calculated, cause well I don't know.

Center Field Aaron Rowand (52.0): Aaron Rowand was a 'big' free agent acquisition. He will 'fill' Barry Bonds spot in the line up. He's also coming off a career season helped by the Phillies potent line up as well as their band box ball park. Surrounded by a miserable lineup in a much more pitcher friendly ball park, there's no way Rowand puts up the same numbers. Rowand is only 30 so he's not following apart.

Right Field Randy Winn (26.4): Randy Winn is a 33 year solid but unspectacular player. He hits decent, he has some power and he has some speed. He would be a good starter on almost every MLB team. But when he's your second best player, you are screwed.

Catcher Bengie Molina (14.4): Bengie is actually a better offensive player than defensive player at this point of his career. The problem is he is over weight and takes mroe games off than the typical upper echelon catcher. He's additionally 33 and not in great shape. So a downturn is probably on the way.

Left Field Dave Roberts (8.6): A 35 year old slap hitting out fielder. Really nothing will ever excite you about Dave Roberts.

First Base Dan Ortmeier (6.1): Dan Ortmeier is a 26 year old who will most likely be given his first opportunity as a Major League starter. Unfortunately he's not

Third Base Rich Aurilia (-4.7): The 36 year old had a few decent rejuvenating seasons with Reds, but last year he returned to his piss poor status hitting 5 home runs in 329 at bats.

Shortstop Omar Vizquel (-9.1): He's a 40 year old with absolutely no power any more and is now very limited as a hitter. The Giants can do better than having Omar continuing to man SS and perhaps fortunately for them Vizquel had surgery today and will be out the start of the year.

Second Base Ray Durham (-10.5): Ray Durham was often Barry Bonds protection. Well Baseball Prospectus ranks 1018 players from the 2007 season in VORP. Ray Durham finished 1000. That's bad.

The Giants are going to have a very very very bad offense this year. Good thing they got rid of that headache Barry Bonds.

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Fun with Broken Legs

I'm not much of a link giver, but I thought these were pretty solid at extending the the Eduardo da Silva broken leg fun from the weekend.

Apparently Eduardo Could Have Lost his Foot [ESPN]

So not surprisingly doctors said that if the paramedics didn't do a good job of quickly treating his foot dislocation, Eduardo probably would have had his foot amputated.

10 Gut Wrenching Broken Legs via Youtube [Who Ate All the Pies]

A collection of videos of people breaking their legs. Some are pretty damn gross.

Top Hate Tackles via Youtube [Who Ate All the Pies]

While most Americans think soccer is for little girls, if you want to hurt someone you still have a ton of opportunity to do so.

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The Worst Timed Celebration Ever

Real Madrid is often thought of as the New York Yankees of the soccer world. Buying the best players in the world cause they have a lot of money. Well apparently these players lack a certain level of intelligence. After 'scoring' a goal the squad celebrates the prototypical soccer way, running around the field screaming and hugging. Unfortunately they don't notice the fact that their passer, Raul was offside and thus the goal does not count.

Getafe, their opponent, on the other hand, took notice to the linesman's offside flag. They spotted the ball and raced the length of the field with a basketball like 3 on 2 fast break. They pounded it home for the only goal of the game.

With the loss Real Madrid's lead over Barcelona, another Spanish powerhouse, was reduced from 4 points to a single point. Quite stupid.

Courtesy of The Offside

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Why the St. Patty's Day Apparel?

I love St. Patrick's day as much as the typical redheaded Irish American. I love Guinness. I love enjoying Guinness. I enjoy wearing green. I even typically purchase a St. Patty's day shirt on a yearly basis. What I don't get is why people want to purchase MLB St. Patty Day apparel?

Contrary to popular belief the New York Yankees nor the Boston Red Sox nor any other MLB team influenced St. Patrick in his mission across Ireland. They have nothing to do with Irish heritage nor even wear the color green in their jerseys. Why the hell do people buy this stuff? Would you seriously look at a person with a four leaf clover behind their teams logo and think damn their cool? Or are you more than likely thinking, why the hell are you wearing a green Phillies t-shirt. St. Patty's day was months ago. Hell the friggin holiday isn't even during the regular season.

Additionally it's not like the clothing you buy is unique. MLB just prints the same shit for a bunch of teams and puts your teams logo on it. Just look at most of the Red Sox and Yankees stuff. They have almost exactly the same items.

I think the funniest of all of the St. Patrick's day apparel is that of the Oakland A's. They have 3 'St. Patty Day' items. What do they all have in common? They're just regular green Oakland A's shirts. Woo go St. Patrick's Day, wear an Oakland A's t-shirt.

But what's this? Not everyone can join in on the green fun? Yep only 13, mostly major market, teams are represented as having stupid green apparel. So if you're an idiot Royal fan in Missouri, your Cardinal friend buddy can get a green t-shirt, but you can't. Isn't that unfortunate.

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Product of a Nacho and a Toad

Is Bartolo Colon the Product of Nacho Libre and a Toad? Me Thinks So.

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The Problem With Public Voting

Monday, February 25, 2008

One thing that has always bothered me in the world of sports is the fan voting process for all star games. The fan vote always turns into a popularity contest rather than a merit for a solid yearly performance. Sure in some cases a player having a terrific season will become a media darling and see his popularity rise. But in the end there many cases where a player gets in solely on the past thus robbing a truly deserving individual.

Does this problem really lie with having fans in general vote? No not really. The problem is letting everyone vote no matter how ill-informed they are on the current times. If you haven't watched more than 2 NBA games this season should you really be given the opportunity to help decide who gets rewarded. In my opinion of course not. Eventually the more often a non deserving player gets in the less credible the meaningful the game becomes, and thus inspires less voting from the knowledgeable.

Much is the same problem with the world of politics. I stumbled across a piece on Page 2 by Jeff Pearlman where he chronicles the Texas Rangers clubhouse non interest in the presidential race. While it is disappointing that seemingly only one person on the Rangers roster is following the presidential race, to me, it is both non surprising and closer to the norm. The piece goes on to paint baseball players as being rich mostly uneducated snobs who have so much money that they need not care what is taking place politically in the United States land scape.I partially understand Pearlman's reasoning for the general disinterest of MLB players, however I feel that most people in the US are at best only casually following the presidential race.

This casual following population includes myself. I have a 40+ hour a week job + and hour commute both ways. I spend 10+ hours a week on my MBA program. I try to spend 6 or 7 hours a week at the gym to stay healthy. The rest of my time I'd rather spend on things I enjoy, the sporting world and time with friends, family and the girlfriend. I'm not going to spend and ample amount of time figuring out the exact political differences between Obama and Hillary. And this is where the problem comes in.

Come November I will be able to vote and contribute to the determination of whom will be the most powerful human on the planet. If I turn off my tv sets, internet and all other media outlets and know nothing about the candidates, I will still be able to vote. I don't even have to know who is running for the presidency or who wins the Democratic nomination. I can still show up and vote for whomever I want based on whatever I want. I could vote for Barack cause I liked the Mortal Kombat character. I could vote against Barack cause of his last name closely resembles Osama. I could vote for Barack cause he looked cool posing with the Heisman. My reasoning does not matter, I have the right to make my own decision based on whatever.

For myself, currently I have a poor opinion Hillary Clinton the person. She comes off negatively every time I see her. This weekend she was screaming and yelling about Obama, and it bolstered my opinion. Do I know her policy? Absolutely not. If the election was tomorrow would I vote against her? Absolutely. Is that really how America should be electing its president?

People say the problem lies with all the people who do not vote on election day. Or the problem lies with all the disinterest of politics in the United States. Surely in an ideal world these would be solved. All citizens would care about the direction of the nation. All citizens would follow the election process and be able to identify the exact differences in policy in all candidates. But this is certainly not an ideal world. And there will never be a time when everyone both cares and votes. And thus I believe the problem lies in handing the voting keys over to people without a license.

Come November there will be millions upon millions of people who vote on basis set completely separate from policy. Completely separate from reasoning of how the candidate will effect their lives. For all I know I may be one of them, I may never follow the election with the depth I should. And if I don't? I should be told thanks but no thanks. We are glad you were interested in voting but it's apparent that you have put no thought other than simple bias into your decision. Thus we appreciate your intent but we are going to have to refuse your right.

Theoretically this process could be done the same way your evaluations were done when you grew up. A simple quiz based off the policies of the officials. The questions need not be difficult. They should simply make sure that every voter knows at least a given amount of policy. If a voter can not identify whether Obama or McCain is for or against removing the troops, or Pro Life/Pro Choice, they haven't been paying attention.

Will this problem ever be addressed? Of Course not. We will never again revoke the right to vote for any US Citizen. But next time a US President becomes a fuck up, do not be surprised if he was again elected on the basis of "more likely to have a beer with".

Sorry for the Off Topic Stuff Today but It's February

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The Lebron James of Child Birthing

Meet Argentinian girl Pamela. Much like Lebron James she is a young phenom. She has done something that most people would have never believed possible. She has pushed the limits of the human body.

So what has mighty Pamela done? She's given birth to 7 children. 7 Children is certainly a big number, but it's been done before. And no the 7 weren't all at the same time. Nothing that draw dropping with having 7 kids in your life time right? Well how about when your life time isn't even 17 full years yet. That's right Pamela from Argentina has 7 kids and she has yet to turn 17.

How the fuck is that possible you might be asking. Well when you ship out two sets of triplets and a single child all in a three year span it can be done. One would have thought perhaps after the first child she would have stopped having sex. Or perhaps after the first set of triplets the mother would have clamped down on the insemination process. But nope Pamela got her fertile self right back on the saddle and strapped in for another 9* month ride.

Only four more to go Pam and you've got your own futbol team. You still have over 3 years to get that done before the age of 20. Hop bang on the saddle young las.

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My Brain is Frazzled Quick Notes

~My brain is currently all over the place. So we shall have a Quick Notes rather than a coherent thought as I currently do not seem capable of long coherent thoughts.

~First off February is god damn boring.

~Memphis can't hit free throws. They have superior athletes and talent all over the court and can hit about 5 triples in a row, but they can't make a free throw. Shit boggles my mind.

~Bracket Buster whatever was this week for ESPN, which means in 2 weeks when you (I) start to care about who is on the bubble the analysts will inform you of what games did and did not matter.

~Bartolo Colon is the new El Guapo. Rich Garces will have to show him around the Boston eateries.

~The Suns got drop kicked by the Pistons yesterday. Pathetic showing.

~NASCAR got rained out mid race. Another lame part of NASCAR has been added.

~Tiger Woods dominated. Might as well be a permanent header on the Google News Sports tab.

~If only Justin Leonard sacked up and dropped Stewie in the semifinals, I would have gotten the finals of the Match Play correct in my prediction. I ended up with a solid but not spectacular bracket.

~D-Mac ran a 4.27. He should have done better.

~The NFL combine is all together very very boring.

~The C's decided to win one last night, that was nice of them.

~Why do so many movies that you have desire in seeing win Oscars? From all I've heard from the typical normal people, There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men were not all that entertaining.

~The Songs were quite annoying and I could easily do without them.

~Why are there so many damn awards for sound, audio, video, make up, animation, coloring, food spread. Can't they add more relevant awards and just give those random ones away in a pre show type deal?

~I thought Juno was a very good movie. It had a good plot had moments of where you laughed. But I don't get when people call it a very funny movie. It's not that funny. It to me was more story than comedy. Superbad on the other hand was comedy.

~Speaking of Juno, could Diablo Cody have worn a dress that possibly screamed "I used to be a stripper" more than the leopard print one she wore. She certainly stuck out like a sore thumb from the rest of the crowd.

~Although Daniel Day Lewis wife, coincidently the daughter of Arthur Miller, was wearing an absolutely hideous dress herself. Than again Day Lewis wasn't exactly the best looking guy in the arena either.

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Mmmmmm Cheez Doodles

Sunday, February 24, 2008

After informing the Stephen A. Smith Heckling Society of Gentleman about the delicious Stephen A. Cheez Doodles segment. They did what I was too lazy to do. Purchase the podcast and put the audio to youtube.

That was even more preposterous than I remembered.

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Better to Drink Some Milk

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stop taking a dive you little girl. Fake broken bones are not funny at all.

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Weekly Waste of Oxygen

Friday, February 22, 2008

Some class acts this week.

1. Vin Baker - The place actually looks quite nice. And yet Vin Baker couldn't even salvage his restaurant from getting foreclosed on. He even borrowed 400,000 grand from his parents. Yes the very same Vin Baker that made millions upon millions upon millions of dollars for being one of the most useless players in NBA history has wasted all of his money to the point where a 400K loan from his parents isn't enough.

2. Jerome Mathis - Choking woman is not very acceptable Jerome. Choking your girlfriend is definitely not acceptable. Choking your pregnant girlfriend? Dude what the hell is wrong with you. You are a complete scumbag. I hope you get cut.

3. The Fielders - I couldn't decide which Fielder to pick. Either the wife who gave Prince a book about the negatives of eating meat. Probably in an attempt to turn her husband into a vegetarian. Or Prince for actually taking the book to heart and turning into a vegetarian. How whipped are you dude? You've completely dropped on the totem pole of manhood. And what happened to eating Cheeseburgers?

4. Ryan Perrilloux - Your team just won the National Title and you will be returning to lead them as the starting quarterback next season. So what do you do? Turn into a complete fuckup of course. The rumors on what Perrilloux did to get suspended from the squad are all over the place but the fact remains that they kid has talent, potential NFL talent, and he's about to blow the greatest opportunity he will ever have in his entire life. Nice going douche.

Get Your Vote On

Last Weeks Winner:
Kevin Hart

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An eCard from Brian Giles to Greg Maddux

I think Brian misses his 2007 Golden Showers.

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Friday Video Blowout

Everyone needs something to keep them occupied on Friday afternoons so the Friday Video Blowout was born. Spend your next few minutes, laughing, crying of laughter, pissing your self, whatever, but mostly wasting your companies time.

Videos In Order Courtesy of
, CO-ED Magazine * 2, TBL, Green and Gold Rugby, me, Funny or Die, Fan IQ, With Leather - Watch more free videos
Keep that guy away from sharp objects and ropes.

Hoola Hooping is a sport right?

Well that was painfully boring. Probably why he won over Lloyd Carr.

Might want to have quicker reaction time.

What a social life this guy must have.

I'm Ron Burgundy?

Yes Set off the Fireworks for broken bones.

Hmm, next time I go bowling...

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Why Do People Think Ben Wallace is Good?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

So the Cavs traded for Ben Wallace, Wally World and Delonte West today and now people are proclaiming them contenders for the NBA East. Um why? Ben Wallace is not that good.

First off here are some facts. Ben Wallace is amongst the worst offensive players in the entire NBA. He is averaging 5 points a game in over 30 minutes. 5 points a game. Probably because the man can't shoot. He is shooting 37% from the field this season and is a career 41.7% Free Throw shooter. I bet at minimum 1 out of every 5 casual basketball players are better than a 42% free throw shooter. Ben Wallace's career hire average for points in a season was 9.7 in the 04-05 season for Detroit. Ben Wallace is a complete liability on the offensive end.

Drew Gooden on the other hand, while certainly nothing special, averages 11 points more and only .5 rebounds less per game in less minutes than Ben Wallace. Sure Ben Wallace will improve their defense some. But he isn't the defender he once was and will not have the supporting cast of defenders he had in Detroit.

Then is the addition of Szczerbiak which is being talked about abundantly isn't an upgrade either. As much as Larry Hughes is overpaid, he's still a better basketball player than Wally World. Wally can shoot. That's it. Atleast Hughes is athletic enough to play some defense.

If anything, people should be promoting the additions of Joe Smith and Delonte West. They came at the cost of expiring contracts and could add some value to the team. West has been a double digit scorer in multiple seasons in the league and can add value as a perimeter shooter. Meanwhile Smith is a solid veteran who should add some scoring and depth off the bench. So the deal as a whole should improve the 2008 Cavs but enough with the Ben Wallace makes them a title contender. He just isn't that good.

And here's a video sum up of why.

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Trade Eddy Curry for Cheese Doodles

Stephen A. Smith opened his NYC radio broadcast venting on the Knicks. Nothing new there. The first hour of his show is NYC only and thus being a basketball guy he yells and screams about the Knicks a lot. Pretty much every show opens with the same Knick vent. But apparently the 40 point beat down pushed Stephen A. to new levels. Levels to which I have never heard from Stephen. And what was that level? Stephen A. screaming about his affinity for Cheese Doodles.

After the typical yelling and screaming about the Knicks for a few minutes, Stephen A. turned the majority of the venting into a a platform for his favorite snack, Cheese Doodles. He mentioned how when he gets frustrated he eats cheese doodles. He warned the callers that they might hear him munching on cheese doodles in the background. But the best of the bunch centered on the fat center for the New York Knicks, when Stephen A. proclamed that he would trade Eddy Curry for a bag of Cheese Doodles.

Yes, Cheese Doodles are truly essential to Stephen A.'s existence.


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Coaches Have the Darndest Looks

So I was perusing the banks of College Photos from last night and honestly the most entertaining photos are all from coaches. Within one night of college basketball you can find pictures of coaches displaying almost every emotion.

Bruce Pearl is Annoyed by a 20 Point Victory.

John Calipari Really Wants a High Five

Jimmy Collins Just Wants a Hug

Ed DeChellis is Pointing Out the Hottest Girl in the Stands

Jim Boylen is Contemplating Murder

Bo Ryan is Contemplating Punching the Ref in the Face

Seth Greenberg Just Wants to Know Where the Restrooms Are

Roy Williams is Giddy Like a School Girl

Stan Heath is Bored

Dave Dickerson is Pleading for Just 1 More Cookie

Brad Stevens is Befuddled

Gary Williams is Victorious

Coach K is Defeated

Kelvin Sampson is Suspended in Disbelief

So Indiana didn't play last night. Whatever.

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