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Monday, February 25, 2008

~My brain is currently all over the place. So we shall have a Quick Notes rather than a coherent thought as I currently do not seem capable of long coherent thoughts.

~First off February is god damn boring.

~Memphis can't hit free throws. They have superior athletes and talent all over the court and can hit about 5 triples in a row, but they can't make a free throw. Shit boggles my mind.

~Bracket Buster whatever was this week for ESPN, which means in 2 weeks when you (I) start to care about who is on the bubble the analysts will inform you of what games did and did not matter.

~Bartolo Colon is the new El Guapo. Rich Garces will have to show him around the Boston eateries.

~The Suns got drop kicked by the Pistons yesterday. Pathetic showing.

~NASCAR got rained out mid race. Another lame part of NASCAR has been added.

~Tiger Woods dominated. Might as well be a permanent header on the Google News Sports tab.

~If only Justin Leonard sacked up and dropped Stewie in the semifinals, I would have gotten the finals of the Match Play correct in my prediction. I ended up with a solid but not spectacular bracket.

~D-Mac ran a 4.27. He should have done better.

~The NFL combine is all together very very boring.

~The C's decided to win one last night, that was nice of them.

~Why do so many movies that you have desire in seeing win Oscars? From all I've heard from the typical normal people, There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men were not all that entertaining.

~The Songs were quite annoying and I could easily do without them.

~Why are there so many damn awards for sound, audio, video, make up, animation, coloring, food spread. Can't they add more relevant awards and just give those random ones away in a pre show type deal?

~I thought Juno was a very good movie. It had a good plot had moments of where you laughed. But I don't get when people call it a very funny movie. It's not that funny. It to me was more story than comedy. Superbad on the other hand was comedy.

~Speaking of Juno, could Diablo Cody have worn a dress that possibly screamed "I used to be a stripper" more than the leopard print one she wore. She certainly stuck out like a sore thumb from the rest of the crowd.

~Although Daniel Day Lewis wife, coincidently the daughter of Arthur Miller, was wearing an absolutely hideous dress herself. Than again Day Lewis wasn't exactly the best looking guy in the arena either.

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How dare you call February AKA Black History Month boring.

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