Why Do People Think Ben Wallace is Good?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

So the Cavs traded for Ben Wallace, Wally World and Delonte West today and now people are proclaiming them contenders for the NBA East. Um why? Ben Wallace is not that good.

First off here are some facts. Ben Wallace is amongst the worst offensive players in the entire NBA. He is averaging 5 points a game in over 30 minutes. 5 points a game. Probably because the man can't shoot. He is shooting 37% from the field this season and is a career 41.7% Free Throw shooter. I bet at minimum 1 out of every 5 casual basketball players are better than a 42% free throw shooter. Ben Wallace's career hire average for points in a season was 9.7 in the 04-05 season for Detroit. Ben Wallace is a complete liability on the offensive end.

Drew Gooden on the other hand, while certainly nothing special, averages 11 points more and only .5 rebounds less per game in less minutes than Ben Wallace. Sure Ben Wallace will improve their defense some. But he isn't the defender he once was and will not have the supporting cast of defenders he had in Detroit.

Then is the addition of Szczerbiak which is being talked about abundantly isn't an upgrade either. As much as Larry Hughes is overpaid, he's still a better basketball player than Wally World. Wally can shoot. That's it. Atleast Hughes is athletic enough to play some defense.

If anything, people should be promoting the additions of Joe Smith and Delonte West. They came at the cost of expiring contracts and could add some value to the team. West has been a double digit scorer in multiple seasons in the league and can add value as a perimeter shooter. Meanwhile Smith is a solid veteran who should add some scoring and depth off the bench. So the deal as a whole should improve the 2008 Cavs but enough with the Ben Wallace makes them a title contender. He just isn't that good.

And here's a video sum up of why.

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