The Worst Timed Celebration Ever

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Real Madrid is often thought of as the New York Yankees of the soccer world. Buying the best players in the world cause they have a lot of money. Well apparently these players lack a certain level of intelligence. After 'scoring' a goal the squad celebrates the prototypical soccer way, running around the field screaming and hugging. Unfortunately they don't notice the fact that their passer, Raul was offside and thus the goal does not count.

Getafe, their opponent, on the other hand, took notice to the linesman's offside flag. They spotted the ball and raced the length of the field with a basketball like 3 on 2 fast break. They pounded it home for the only goal of the game.

With the loss Real Madrid's lead over Barcelona, another Spanish powerhouse, was reduced from 4 points to a single point. Quite stupid.

Courtesy of The Offside

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