Which Squads Should Target Bonds?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yesterday I posted that Bonds should be signed by somebody but never mentioned who. So today, here are the top 5 teams that I believe should actively pursue Barry Bonds.

5. Minnesota Twins - I'm not quite sure if the Twins even offered Barry a boatload of cash that he would consider heading up to Minnesota to play. Even if it was his only option I think he would think long and hard before accepting. But the Twins have been plugging miserable hitters at DH in recent years. And once again have nobody suitable for that role. Stick Bonds in between Mauer and Morneau and you have a pretty damn good heart of the order.

5. San Francisco Giants - You already have a loyal fan base in place for Bonds. Understandably his knees won't be able to handle to wear and tear of playing in the National League daily. But still your fans love the guy. They've cheered for him through thick and thin. And your offense is going to be miserable this season without him. The issue for the Giants is that he probably will be less likely to sign for a reduced amount with a team he just made a boatload of money off of.

3. Oakland A's - The Bay Area Brethren should also be interested in Bonds. He could make a smooth transition cross to the cross town rivals and sit in the DH spot. He will be a better replacement for the role Mike Piazza filled last year than anyone currently on their roster.

2. Texas Rangers - The Rangers still have no pitching, but there have been times where their offensive fire power has been enough to atleast maintain competitiveness in the AL West. Currently they is Frank Catalanotto. He doesn't quite strike fear in the heart of the opponent. If the Rangers want to have any shot at winning the division this year they both need to get lucky and somehow improve the team in the coming weeks. Bonds is the best way to do this. And perhaps the only real way to do this.

1. Seattle Mariners - Jose Vidro or Barry Bonds? Who is more likely to impact your team on a daily basis? The Mariners just shipped a lot of players for Erik Bedard in an effort to be competitive today yet their offense still has holes. Richie Sexson had more Ks than hits last season. Last season the Mariners leading home run hitter was Adrian Beltre with 26 bounds. Barry Bonds had 2 more home runs than Beltre in 255 less at bats. 255!!! The Mariners should go out and sign Bonds if they really want to win the division.

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Oakland makes the most sense, but are they willing to pay Bonds what he's going to want. Perhaps Bonds would take a reasonable cut to remain in the Bay area.

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