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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Randy: Yo Tom, I heard Gisele is gettin back with Leo.

Tom: Huh?

Randy: Just playin dog. So that game sucked eh?

Tom: No shit.

Randy: You know what else is gonna suck?

Tom: What jackass?

Randy: Playin in the Pro Bowl, that shit is lame.

Tom: Hmm...

Randy: You rather go to Cabo? Get drunk on Tequila? Tony Romo said it was a good time.

Tom: Hmm... Peyton won't be there to make fun of me right?

Randy: Nope.

Tom: K I'm in.

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Another banner moment for SimonOnSports........the Pats bashing has earned a filter for the blog subscription, let me know when it's safe to come out so I can turn it off. Oh yeah, and the Jets suck.

Andrew said...
12:47 PM  

and... clarify?

Simon said...
1:19 PM  

The point was, I'm boycotting until the bashing ends, just like I haven't listened to the radio or watching anything but wrestling and Jeopardy on TV since Sunday.

Andrew said...
1:22 PM  

Ha, sack up and stop being a little pussy. Waaaa the Patriots choked after 18 weeks of we're the best team ever.

And yes the Jets suck. I know this.

And I would expect the Pats bashing to end sometime in the future.

Simon said...
1:26 PM  

Actually 22 weeks.

16 weeks for regular season games
1 week for the regular season bye
1 week for 1st round bye
1 week for divisional game
1 week for AFC Championship
2 weeks from AFC to Super Bowl

Give credit where credit is due.

This is all Shockey's fault.

JBIlls said...
3:11 PM  

I blame George Bush.

Hart said...
7:58 AM  

simmon is a dick hole

Anonymous said...
8:02 PM  

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