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Friday, February 29, 2008

Who needs to take a dump in plain open site? Perhaps George Zell, NASCAR, or the Central Coast Mariners should travel to China.

1. China - If you plan on going to the Olympics there are plenty of things you will have to worry about. Of course there is the massive amount of pollution surrounding Beijing. In addition to having the black lung you will now have to deal with a lot of awkwardness if you plan on rocking any deuces. That is unless you are completely comfortable with squatting over a ditch in the middle of public. Cause if you enjoy that you'll be right at home.

2. NASCAR - Rain delays are always miserable no matter what sport you are at. No matter what you have to sit and wait around and there's always a good chance the game won't ever start again. For NASCAR this weekend they told the fans that the race was going to restart at midnight. And well it didn't but they didn't let the fans know that until midnight.

3. Central Coast Mariners - You just lost in your championship game, you are disappointed but happy about a relatively successful season. So you all decide to dress in ridiculous costumes to make yourselves feel better. So what costumes do you choose? Well the Black Face and Hitler of course. Nothing says party like Hitler.

4. George Zell - Wrigley field should be a historical landmark. I understand that naming rights for stadiums are becoming a huge source of income for professional sports teams, but Wrigley is a landmark. Wrigley is not the typical stadium. Wrigley's name should not be sold to the highest bidder. It should be named Wrigley. And that's it.

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NASCAR has never been run by a bunch of geniuses, that's for sure. I couldn't agree more about Wrigley. If they allow the park to be re-named with a corporate sponsor, they should make the Cubs take all of the proceeds and disburse it evenly to the small market teams.

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