Apparently the Grizzlies GM Drank More Than Me Last Night

Friday, February 01, 2008

So the Grizzlies aren't good. They are 13-33 and not getting better. So putting the wrecking ball to the team isn't the worst of decisions. But usually when you put the wrecking ball to something you are building something else up. But not former Celtics Exec Chris Wallace, nope he's just given assets away.

Traded for Jason Collins

So they traded Stromile Swift for Jason Collins. Stromile Swift isn't any good at anything other than dunking but Jason Collins? Seriously? Have you ever watched a Nets game? He sucks as hardcore as Scalabrine. He brings absolutely nothing to the table. He probably makes less money than Collins, but what free agent is going to want to play in Memphis anyway no matter how much cap room you create.

Traded Pau to the Lakers

Pau was the Grizzlies prize trading chip. He's been an all star, he's only 27, when healthy he's easily a 20-10 guy and with the right team he could seriously improve a roster. His contract is somewhat bloated, but so are 80% of the max contract deals out there. So what did Chris Wallace do with his #1 asset? He traded it for complete garbage. Kwame Brown? He's one of the biggest busts of all time. Javaris Crittenton? He's an unproven rookie getting no PT at this time. The Rights to Pau's Brother Marc? That was just thrown in there for fun right? Two First Round Picks? The Lakers are gonna make the playoffs this year and every forseeable year that Kobe Bryant is still healthy and wearing the yellow and purple uni. Thus the Grizzlies gave away an all star and got nothing but cap room back and some low end potential players. Atleast when the T-Wolves traded KG they got Big Al back. Hell, this deal just might be shittier than the Johan Santana deal, at least we knew the Twins absolutely could not pay Santana the money.

Perhaps Chris Wallace felt like this, this morning and decided if that's how he felt he might as well trade for some of it as well.

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