I Hate Banks

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So yesterday on my relaxing day off I decided to run a few errands. Cook dinner for the family and go to the bank. And then I realized that once again I would not be able to go to the bank. The bank like myself had the day off.

No business has worse hours than the bank. Banks open an hour later than you get to your day job and an hour earlier than you get home from that job. They are open for a few hours on Saturday, but never late enough where you have fully gotten out of bed or over your Saturday morning hangover. That is the story of banks, they want you're money but don't want to be open during a logical time for you to give it to them.

And thus I hate banks. Banks of all shapes and sizes.

I hate Elizabeth Banks for being a big tease in the 40-Year Old Virgin.

I hate Mr. Cub Ernie Banks for being a perennial loser.

I hate Chip Banks for having a dumb name.

I hate Johnathan Banks for holding some stupid boxing title called the NABO.

I hate Brad Banks for getting traded for Kliff Kingsbury in the CFL.

I hate Carl Banks for going to Michigan St. and only making one pro bowl team.

I hate Marcus Banks for being one of the many wasted Celtic Draft Picks.

I hate Lloyd Banks for changing his name from Christopher Lloyd.

I hate Gordon Banks for winning a World Cup with the damn English.

I hate Tom Banks for making 4 pro bowls yet only having a 4 line wikipedia page.

I hate Willie Banks for being a bum yet getting 2 World Series Rings.

I hate Tony Banks for being a bum backup who couldn't even start over Trent Dilfer during the Ravens Superbowl year.

I hate Willie Banks for holding a World Record in the Triple Jump yet never winning an Olympic medal.

I hate Sean Banks for his moronic decision to leave Memphis early.

I hate Tyra Banks for letting herself go and her stupid TV shows.

I hate Banks.

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I'm fortunate and have a bank that is pretty good, considering the rest of the banks are basically how you described them.

However, there is one "Banks" you might not have a problem with.


You've got to admit this is one "Banks" that isn't so bad.

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