Ashley Judd Is Not Happy With You

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No Offense Billy but Ashley Judd doesn't travel to road games to watch Kentucky get treated like a 16 seed in the opening round of the NCAA tournament. Down by 30 at half time? 4 field goals through 24 minutes? What kind of coaching is that?

Down 52-14 is the perfect time to get a Technical Billy. Perhaps showing your team the benefits of frustration and venting on the officiating during times of failure. Good move.

"Hey Billy how about next time you want to lose a game by 50 god damn points you let me know beforehand so you know I can watch spring football instead or something. Fuck. What the hell did you do to this team? Do you want me to personally pay for Tubby Smith's contract so he can come back and not completely blow? Oh and I just purchase Another performance like this and that website and me are making the PTI, Sportscenter rounds." Ashley Judd

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As a Vandy fan who was in Memorial last night for that epic beat-down, let me be the first to say this morning;


August West said...
9:33 AM  

As a loyal University of Kentucky fan let me just say to you Vandy fan. What goes around comes around. There will be a reckoning one day. By the way, How many NCAA championships has Vanderbilt won? I rest my case.

UK Fan said...
1:05 PM  

Vandy has fans? I thought they were all just UT fans who couldn't get tickets...

Anonymous said...
1:22 PM  

We've Got Tubby!!! Suck it UK!!!

Gopher guy said...
1:45 PM  

wtf are "field goes?"

Anonymous said...
3:26 PM  

Gopherguy: Keep Tubby. When we're going to Final Fours in the very near future, and Tubby has y'all in the hunt for NIT berths, I'd love to see you open your mouth again and state "we've got Tubby."

And Vandy, suck it up now. 'Cause I predict similar beatings in the years to come--except with the 'Dores on the bent-over-receiving-end of a Big Blue foot.

Anonymous said...
7:29 PM  

And yet no one remembers the 101-41 pasting that UK laid on vandy a few years back..

Anonymous said...
8:47 PM  

There will be a reckoning.

Anonymous said...
8:53 AM  

I will cause them to suffer in return.

Anonymous said...
8:57 AM  

What goes around comes around.

Problem is, it's been around since before most of you kiddies were born. Every other team in the SEC took their beating for over 30 years. I watched every second of that game with glee.

Miss. State Bulldog in KY

Father said...
3:40 PM  

Kentucky basketball fans are so freakin' pompous. You will NEVER be the same. EVER. College basketball has changed. Way too much parity. Sure, you COULD be good again but you'll never be the Kentucky of old. Florida has a better program. UT has a better program. Hell, Vandy has a better program. That's three teams IN YOUR DIVISION that are better than you. NO ONE respects Kentucky anymore. Sure, they recognize the tradition but that's it. It's obvious from the 41 point annihilation of your self-esteem that UK is less than mortal.

Anonymous said...
8:00 PM  

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