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Friday, February 22, 2008

Some class acts this week.

1. Vin Baker - The place actually looks quite nice. And yet Vin Baker couldn't even salvage his restaurant from getting foreclosed on. He even borrowed 400,000 grand from his parents. Yes the very same Vin Baker that made millions upon millions upon millions of dollars for being one of the most useless players in NBA history has wasted all of his money to the point where a 400K loan from his parents isn't enough.

2. Jerome Mathis - Choking woman is not very acceptable Jerome. Choking your girlfriend is definitely not acceptable. Choking your pregnant girlfriend? Dude what the hell is wrong with you. You are a complete scumbag. I hope you get cut.

3. The Fielders - I couldn't decide which Fielder to pick. Either the wife who gave Prince a book about the negatives of eating meat. Probably in an attempt to turn her husband into a vegetarian. Or Prince for actually taking the book to heart and turning into a vegetarian. How whipped are you dude? You've completely dropped on the totem pole of manhood. And what happened to eating Cheeseburgers?

4. Ryan Perrilloux - Your team just won the National Title and you will be returning to lead them as the starting quarterback next season. So what do you do? Turn into a complete fuckup of course. The rumors on what Perrilloux did to get suspended from the squad are all over the place but the fact remains that they kid has talent, potential NFL talent, and he's about to blow the greatest opportunity he will ever have in his entire life. Nice going douche.

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what is wrong with Ryan Perrilloux

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