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Friday, February 01, 2008

Two big time wastes of Oxygen battle it out this week in a classic showdown

1. Grey Ruegamer - I don't really know if this deserves Waste of Oxygen status or if it's just really really really weird. But when some guy tells a story about biting off animal nuts I think it's crazy enough that at the very least it garners some consideration. Is it that much easier to use your teeth than say bolt cutters?

2. Brandon Inge - At first I thought Inge would have had a shot at winning this week. He's the prototypically woah is me I get 6 million dollars a year and I'm not happy guy. He's bitching about how he isn't going to get any pt now that Cabrera is a Tiger yet it's his 6 million dollar contract which makes him untradeable. Typically this sort of whining has a shot to win the weekly waste, but this week I'd be shocked if Inge took home a vote.

3. Jerramy Stevens - Before you do anything, read the entire story including the article linked to by TBL. Than after a few minutes regather your thoughts and just classify how big of a scumbag Jerramy Stevens is. How there is any possible way you would want to be friends with him, or have him as one of your teammates, or be forced to coach him, or even be in the same state as him. Than think about how the prosecutor completely bailed him out for no discernible reason and think about how you're ten billion times the human being as Stevens yet can't ever catch a break. Now how much do you hate this man.

4. Tomas Delgado - Excuse me but do you see my audi? I paid a shitload for that car and now it's damaged and it's completely your sons fault. I want you to pay me back for the damages to my car. If you leave out the details it's not that bad. Car was damaged partially the sons fault wants money for damages. Than when you throw in the fact that Delgado was driving 100 mph and his car was damaged when he killed the son, than it puts a whole different spin on things.

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