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Friday, January 25, 2008

Sex with your sons teammates? The Ultimate Warrior is ok with it, as long as it isn't gay sex or even gay fake sex.

1. The Ultimate Warrior - I'm really not surprised that the Ultimate Warrior is a scumbag, but to these depths? Seriously? Dude he wasn't even gay he just played a gay man, what the hell does that have to do with parenting? Plus you can be opposed to the idea of homosexuality that's fine it's your opinion, but does it seriously make that big of a difference in raising a child. And he wasn't even gay anyway. Ugh so stupid.

2. Beth Modica - The idea of a hot mom having sex with her teenagers hockey teammates might sound appealing to some. But the idea of a not so hot Police Chiefs wife having sex and giving head to multiple players on her sons team in reality is pretty disgusting and gross. Really if you were a 16 year old I'm pretty sure the High School ass you could pull would be a lot more preferential than that.

3. Urban Meyer - Mr. Meyer is certainly an interesting recruiter. First he calls a report to question whether a players ACT scores are legit given the players big jump from one score to the next. Why did he do it? Because he didn't commit to Florida of course. Also Meyer helps recruit players by getting their girlfriends scholarships as well as having Tim Tebow make phone calls. Both illegal.

4. Dana Jacobson - She doesn't like Jesus apparently. I mean she's not exactly the only person on the planet who doesn't. Jesus Quintana was in fact a pedophile and mighty fine bowler, but he most definitely a dirt back. So I can see not liking him. And really who doesn't want to say Fuck Notre Dame ever now and then.

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