Welcome to the Hall of the Overhyped: Greg Paulus

Monday, January 07, 2008

The 2nd inductee in the Hall of the Overhyped is one Greg Paulus PG of Duke.

High School Credentials

Greg Paulus is nothing short of a legendary high school athlete in the Syracuse area. In basketball Paulus was all state 4 seasons, finished his career 11th all time in scoring, was a 2005 All American and was New York's Mr. Basketball. In football Paulus was a state champion quarterback who at the conclusion of his senior year won the Gatorade National Football Player of the year award. Paulus even went on to start at quarterback in the Army High School All American game.

He finished his high school career as the Gatorade Athlete of the Year, the unanimous #1 PG prospect in the country as well as by most estimations atop ten prospect at the quarterback position. USA Today however thought more highly and rated him the #1 quarterback in the nation.

College Decision Making

Coming out of High School as a superb two sport athlete one would think that you would have to atleast consider schools that could offer you the opportunity to do both. You would think that having broken a large amount of high school quarterback records in New York that football would be part of the equation. Paulus did not, he decided to skip out on the football experience and concentrate solely on basketball. His decision led him to be only the second player of all time to win the Gatorade Football Player of the Year and not play football in college. The athlete he joined was Joe Mauer, who probably made the correct choice to play baseball.

Duke Hoop Credentials

Currently playing in his third season with the Blue Devils Greg Paulus could best be described as a serviceable and typical Dukie point guard. A solid nothing extraordinary player who is lucky to be surrounded by a lot of talent. Not much of a difference maker.

Current Status

He continues to be the starting point guard (although he didn't start last game) for the Duke Blue Devils. He currently averages under 10 points and 4 assists for the Blue Devils and from what we've seen in his three years at Duke he has limited chance to ever make an impact in the NBA. And of course he has no football career because he threw that away three years ago.

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Greg should have a quality career in Polnad

Ryan said...
2:13 PM  

So now Paulus is leading Syracuse back in the National Spotlight with a sure NFL career ahead of him. That is not over hype,,,that's talent

timsgarden said...
7:50 AM  

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