Breakin it Down: Giants vs. Cowboys

Friday, January 11, 2008

Breakin it down is 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game this season.

Tony Romeo

Overplayed story of the week #1. Tony had a day off so he went to Mexico. Um who cares? I'm sure Tom Brady went somewhere and banged Gisele as well and if Peyton had some hot hollywood arm candy he would have done the same. It matters not. If the Cowboys lose and Romo doesn't play well it will not have been the cause of the energy spent in the sack with Jessica Simpson.

T.O. Go Or Not T.O. Go

As of right now it appears that T.O. is practicing and that he will be a go on sunday afternoon. If Owens is back to full speed than the Giants defense, which has been torched twice by the boys already, is again in serious trouble. If T.O. is at all limited or misses time than the Giants should be able to fire extra blitzers Romo's way.

Front 4 Delivering Pressure

If T.O. does in fact play and the Giants need to float safety help his way for the majority of the game, than the G-Men must get pressure from their front 4. Osi, Strahan, Tuck and company will become the most important unit of the game. If Romo gets a lot of time or is able to escape the pocket he will pick a part the Giants secondary.

The Fickle Giant Fans

As a neutral observer I have spent much of the season defending Eli Manning against most of my Giant friend buddies. My simple point was that Eli at worst is in the upper half of the quarterbacks in the NFL, meanwhile despite the fact that the Giants were on their way to their 3rd straight playoff appearance Eli Manning sucked and was the worst player on the team. Even when watching the Patriot game when he played terrifically they jump off the bandwagon with one poorly thrown interception. Now? Well Eli is a wonderful quarterback, he destroyed the Bucs, he's going to play great against the Cowboys, he's the best pump faker in the NFL all of a sudden. So god damn fickle.

Third Times a Charm

Sorry but I just don't believe in that garbage. It's really hard to beat the same team three times in a season. Well ya, in most seasons you never play a team 3 times, so it's nearly impossible. There's a reason why the Cowboys beat the Giants twice before, they have more talent, their quarterback is better, and they played better. The fact that the beat the Giants twice already is a testament to the fact they are a better team. The results of the last games do not in any karmic way mean that the Giants have built up luck which will help them beat the Cowboys. If they win it means they played the better game, the previous results have nothing to do with anything.

The Pick

The last and final boring pick of the Divisional Playoff round. I think the Giants have the best chance of any road team to win on the road this week, but I still don't think it happens. If T.O. doesn't play I may change my mind, but as of right now I still think the Cowboys put up 30 points on the Giants and that the Cowboys line puts enough pressure on Eli Manning to force a few costly mistakes.

Note* to continue the lameness of my picks, I am picking all of the home teams to win but all of the road teams to cover. For some reason I really think all of these games are going to be close and with each spread being greater than a touchdown I'm taking the road teams against the spread.

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