It's Not a Dream House Until It Has a Urinal

Monday, January 07, 2008

Michael Holton is a man that knows how to vacation and a man that knows what he wants in life. He wants to go to the Packers game and he doesn't really care for living in Wisconsin. So the Atlanta business man from Milwaukee has bought and furnished a dream Packer themed vacation home just outside of Lambeau Field so that his family has a place to stay for every Packer home game that they fly from Atlanta to see. He even has put the manly finishing touches on the bathroom.

There's even a flat screen featuring a live camera shot of Lambeau above a urinal in a main floor bathroom.

Yes. You read that correctly.

Holton has a urinal.

"My favorite spot in the whole place," he said with a laugh.

"Look, any man's man is going to tell you that they want a urinal somewhere in their house. Did I plan it that way? Hey, it's my place. I wanted a urinal, so I put one in." Green Bay Press Gazette

Nothing says vacation home quite like a big screen TV over your urinal. Mr. Holton you certainly are a Grade A Sports Guy.

Hat Tip: With Leather

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Don't question his fanhood.

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