1st Rounders: UM vs. OSU

Thursday, January 24, 2008

One of the comments from the UM vs. OSU in the NFL post was curious as to which squad had more 1st round picks. Well fear not, I'm on it. The tracking i used only goes back to the 1970 merger which was plenty good for me.

1970s 1st Rounders (23)

1971: Jack Tatum, Ohio State, S
1971: John Brockington, Ohio State, RB
1971: Leo Hayden, Ohio State, RB
1971: Tim Anderson, Ohio State, DB
1972: Mike Taylor, Michigan, LB
1972: Thom Darden, Michigan, DB
1973: Paul Seymour, Michigan, TE
1974: Dave Gallagher, Michigan, DT
1974: John Hicks, Ohio State, G
1974: Randy Gradishar, Ohio State, LB
1974: Rick Middleton, Ohio State, LB
1975: Dave Brown, Michigan, DB
1975: Doug France, Ohio State, T
1975: Kurt Shumacher, Ohio State, T
1975: Neal Colzie, Ohio State, DB
1976: Archie Griffin, Ohio State, RB
1976: Tim Fox, Ohio State, DB
1977: Bob Brudzinski, Ohio State, LB
1978: Chris Ward, Ohio State, T
1978: John Anderson, Michigan, LB
1978: Mike Kenn, Michigan, T
1979: Jon Giesler, Michigan, T
1979: Tom Cousineau, Ohio State, LB

1980s 1st Rounders (9)

1980: Curtis Greer, Michigan, DE
1981: Mel Owens, Michigan, LB
1982: Butch Woolfork, Michigan, RB
1984: William Roberts, Ohio State, T
1985: Jim Lachey, Ohio State, T
1985: Kevin Brooks, Michigan, DE
1986: Keith Byars, Ohio State, RB
1987: Jim Harbaugh, Michigan, QB
1988: Eric Krumerow, Ohio State, DE

1990s 1st Rounders (24)

1991: Jarrod Bunch, Michigan, RB
1991: Vinnie Clark, Ohio State, DB
1992: Alonzo Spellman, Ohio State, DE
1992: Desmond Howard, Michigan, WR
1993: Robert Smith, Ohio State, RB
1993: Steve Everitt, Michigan, C
1994: Dan Wilkinson, Ohio State, DT
1994: Derrick Alexander, Michigan, WR
1995: Craig Powell, Ohio State, LB
1995: Joey Galloway, Ohio State, WR
1995: Korey Stringer, Ohio State, T
1995: Trezelle Jenkins, Michigan, OL
1995: Ty Law, Michigan, CB
1995: Tyrone Wheatley, Michigan, RB
1996: Eddie George, Ohio State, RB
1996: Rickey Dudley, Ohio State, TE
1996: Terry Glenn, Ohio State, NE
1996: Tim Biakabutuka, Michigan, RB
1997: Orlando Pace, Ohio State, T
1997: Shawn Springs, Ohio State, CB
1998: Charles Woodson, Michigan, CB
1999: Andy Katzenmoyer, Ohio State, LB
1999: Antoine Winfield, Ohio State, DB
1999: David Boston, Ohio State, WR

2000s 1st Rounders (20)

2000: Ahmed Plummer, Ohio State, CB
2001: David Terrell, Michigan, WR
2001: Jeff Backus, Michigan, T
2001: Nate Clements, Ohio State, CB
2001: Ryan Pickett, Ohio State, DT
2001: Steve Hutchinson, Michigan, G
2004: Chris Gamble, Ohio State, CB
2004: Chris Perry, Michigan, RB
2004: Michael Jenkins, Ohio State, WR
2004: Will Smith, Ohio State, DE
2005: Braylon Edwards, Michigan, WR
2005: Marlin Jackson, Michigan, CB
2006: A. J. Hawk, Ohio State, LB
2006: Bobby Carpenter, Ohio State, LB
2006: Donte Whitner, Ohio State, S
2006: Nick Mangold, Ohio State, C
2006: Santonio Holmes, Ohio State, WR
2007: Anthony Gonzalez, Ohio State, WR
2007: Leon Hall, Michigan, CB
2007: Ted Ginn, Ohio State, WR

Total 1st Rounders (76)

Michigan (29): 1970s (8), 1980s (5), 1990s (9), 2000s (7), Current Pros (8)

Ohio St. (47): 1970s (15), 1980s (4), 1990s (15), 2000s (13), Current Pros (17)


Complete Domination for Ohio St. With the exception of a very weak 1980s for both schools the Buckeyes have pummeled the Wolverines when it comes to first round draft picks. This leads to a few possible conclusions. Given Michigan's better current pros, it would seem like the Wolverines do a worse job at both developing and promoting talent than the Buckeyes. That when the Wolverines players reach the NFL that's when they truly blossom into great talents, see Tom Brady. Doesn't make you feel good about the talent utilization by the old coaching staff.

Meanwhile, the Buckeyes have 9 more 1st round draft picks in the NFL currently than the Wolverines yet only 4 more total players and less success in the pros. This makes you think the exact opposite about the Buckeyes. They seemingly get their players ready for prime time prior to departure. The past two drafts in which the Buckeyes had 7 1st round picks to the Wolverines one makes it pretty easy to explain the current losing streak.

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