C-Webb To The C's Would Be Nice

Monday, January 14, 2008

During the course of half my life I've cheered for two NBA teams. The Celtics and whomever Chris Webber was suiting up for. As a 9 year old I fell in love with the Fab Five and quickly adopted both the Michigan Wolverines as the college of choice as well as C-Webb as my favorite player.

Ever since than I've followed C-Webb wherever he has gone. I was confused and sad after the phantom timeout. I didn't quite understand the Magic's desire to not unite C-Webb with Shaq. I enjoyed his short playoff trip with the Warriors. I enjoyed the trade to the Bullets and the reuniting with Juwan Howard. My most cherished uniform that I own is my C-Webb #4 Bullets jersey. I didn't understand why the Bullets dealt Webber months after purchase while in his prime for Mitch Richmond and crap. Throughout his Kings career I was thrilled to cheer for the most exciting team in basketball and immensely disappointed every time they fell to the Lakers in the playoffs. And then it started to disintegrate. The Kings sent him to the 76ers which didn't work at all and then he signed on with the Pistons a team I truly can't stand and found it hard to cheer for ever.

Now midway through the season C-Webb has announced he plans on Webber has announced he plans to be back and suited up within 2 weeks. I have no idea with which team and there have only been a few teams rumored, but here's to hoping that Webber winds up with the Celtics. Honestly I have no idea if it would help the team in the slightest. His defense is suspect, his athleticism is all but dry due to the knee injuries, and the Celtics aren't in desperate need for a Veteran leader. Sure he'd be an upgrade over this schmuck, but really who wouldn't. I just for one time would like my favorite to play for the team I want to win it all and more or less I want Chris to get that massive monkey off his back. Call it greedy, but I really hope that sometime in the next few days I open up ESPN.com to see Webber standing next to Pierce, Allen and KG holding up a green #4 jersey.

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C-Webb was also "confused and sad" after his phantom timeout.

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