Weekly Waste of Oxygen

Friday, January 18, 2008

Really the biggest waste of oxygen this week a Hawaiin man who decided to throw a 2 year old 30 feet onto a highway. But we'll stick to sports related wastes.

1. WLUK - Umm Eli Manning has millions of dollars, I think he could buy the Seinfeld DVD if he really wanted to watch Seinfeld. In fact I think the studio is just giving Eli the Seinfeld DVD collection as well as a DVD player for his hotel room if Eli feels the need to relax on saturday night. Eli I would recommend the beach house episode where George complains about the problems of shrinkage, that one is quite humorous.

2. Matthew Kowald - A few weeks ago we had the parents who allowed their son to wear a Brett Favre jersey for multiple straight years. Now we have a parent who duct tapes his son to a chair and then duct tapes the jersey on him. Perhaps these parents should switch children so we can combine the nut job child who never wants to take off the jersey with the nut job father who thinks duct taping his child is just all in the name of fun and games. You play hostage I'll play psycho dad.

3. West Virginia Reporters - Whoever was the moronic reporter that started the Rich Rodriguez eliminated all of his players academic records rumor is a moron. First off if the Head Football Coach holds all the official documentation regarding the academics for an institution than you have a very poorly run institution. Additionally I would imagine that a 28,000 student university probably has a significant file structure on their computers with academic records. The person that did this report is an ass.

4. Greg Paulus - The Brazilian Soccer player of College Basketball. King of the flop with horrible acting included. Pretending to get punched in the face when a guy taps your shoulder is incredibly lame. Needless to say I don't think anyone would be incredibly disappointed if Florida St. did in fact punch Greg Paulus in the face. It's one thing to be a scrappy annoying player like Wojo was in his day, it's another thing when you are a scrappy annoying player who attempts to cheat.

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