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Thursday, January 03, 2008

As a Michigan fan I would like to sincerely thank West Virginia for pummeling Oklahoma last night. Not because I particularly cared for their upset or for curing of some of the ill will they feel after Rod's departure. Rather I would like to thank them for the 4 Hour Long advertisement of the spread option which is soon to be featured at the Big House.

Now you might quickly disagree and retort, "Rodriguez didn't call any of those plays so what does the Sooner destruction have to do with the future of Michigan." To which I would reply with two statements. First, the offense was designed by Rodriguez he brought in the talent and he designed most if not all of the plays. Furthermore, the man who did call all the plays, WVU's Offensive Coordinator Calvin Magee, is off to Michigan with Rich Rodriguez. What you saw last night is what can happen for the Maize and Blue in the near future.

Now in most instances this result would simply be cause for hope rather than anything tangible, but the end result could be very different. Pat White's performance last night, 176 yards passing and 150 yards rushing showed what the offense can do for a talented quarterback. A talented quarterback who both has speed and a big arm will have major success in this offense. A dual threat quarterback like for instance Terrelle Pryor, aka the next Vince Young, who has yet to commit to a University.

Didn't that look like a lot of fun Terrelle, I bet you wouldn't mind lighting up opposing BCS schools with ease. Just a little extra to think about when you decide which school you would like to dominate at.

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If pryor has any sense, he will opt to attend his first pick WVU.

Rich Wad was let go by WVU, our University didn't cave in to his he walked.

Congrats, you got a good coach with poor values and let Lloyd Carr walk away.

Good luck trying to beat Tressell with Rich Wad, just dont schedule PITT or APPY ST & you should be ok.

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